Conference Call: DE Scott Solomon


(on what he does well that allowed him to have so many sacks)

Really, I feel like it just comes from my toughness. When I get on that field I am going to work hard. I am going to be relentless. I am going to be tough out there and that is kind of where I made my bread and butter and that's where I find success.

(on if he knew the Titans needed help in the sack department and if that makes it a good opportunity)

Yeah, absolutely. I feel like I am going to go in there and work hard and I can get there and really help out the Titans and do everything I can.

(on his strength)

I have always been strong, and then when I got to Rice, the strength coaches did an awesome job of getting me even stronger. I have really just relied on my strength at my time at Rice. They did a really good job of developing that as well.

(on his foot injury)

It was a fifth metatarsal break, that's a break on the outside of the foot. It's a pretty common injury. I came back fine from it pretty much without a hitch that next year. I don't even think about it anymore.

(on the pain when it broke)

When it happened I knew right away. It actually happened right before the season started in 2010, so I knew right away.

(on how helpful N.D. Kalu has been)

He has been great. He just texted me saying congratulations. He has been talking to me kind of helping me through everything and letting me know how everything works. He has been a tremendous help and a great mentor for me. He just lets me know what to expect. He guides me on how to carry myself and throughout the years he has helped with pass rush moves, what I can improve on and really help me work my hands better.

(on who he patterns his game after)

Yeah absolutely, James Casey for the Texans. This cat is the definition of a great NFL football player to me because he does everything perfect. I just try to follow in his footsteps.

(on what he wants people to take from his game)

I really want them to see how relentless I am, how tough I am. That's the main thing that I rely is the toughness and strength.

(on if he thought about where he would go in the draft)

Yeah, it's really hard to figure out though. I kept thinking about it. I kept going through my head on what teams need and where I could go and things like that. I couldn't be happier to be a Tennessee Titan.

(on where the Titans were on his list of teams that were interested)

Obviously, I would love to go to the Titans. It's a great place. I feel like I could be successful there. They run the defense that I would fit well in. I couldn't be happier and more excited.

(on if he has spent any time in Nashville)

I have a couple of times. I love the city.

(on why he was visiting Nashville)

I played a couple of games there against Vanderbilt.

(on being from Texas and if he remembers the franchise as the Houston Oilers)

Oh yeah, I remember that.

(on the mentality of being a seventh round pick)

Just to be relentless. I'm going to be a ball of fire in there doing everything I can to help the team out and to be a contributor in any way I can.

(on if he is encouraged that past seventh round picks have made the Titans roster)

I wasn't familiar with that, but definitely encouraged now. Hopefully my great attitude will help me get that roster spot.

(on if he knows any of the Titans players)

I don't. I'm familiar with Taylor Thompson. Me, Taylor and Kendall Wright have the same agent.

(on if Taylor Thompson can play tight end)

I know him as a defensive end, but from what I hear he can play tight end.

(on how hard of a transition it would be from defensive end to tight end) I think it just depends on the person. I'm sure he will do a great job making that transition.

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