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Conference Call: Blidi Wreh-Wilson


(on what he is hoping to work on at the next level)


As a football player overall I feel that I am a smart player. I am dependable. I am one of those guys that you want to have on your team because I lift everyone else up and in good spirits. Athletically, I feel I am a good tackler and I am physical and I press and I'm smart when off. I am the total package because I played a lot of different coverage in my career. I feel like I am a good fit for the Titans.

(on if he is used to playing in press coverage)

It was something that we practiced a lot. As the season went on we got into more and more zone, but in practice and in the offseason we spent a lot of time working on our press mechanics and how to be technicians at the line of scrimmage. I feel like going into a more press scheme is something that I like to do. I like to play close to people and press the line forward.

(on what he was told his role will be this fall)

They said that they want me to come in and that they want me to play a lot. I feel like I am the kind of corner, and I did after a couple of years of playing at UConn and playing the sport, I feel like I can come in and I can play for the Titans and make a difference.

(on some people thinking he is a project and if he feels he is ready to play)

I feel I can play. The coaches are going to do a good job with me. The Titans have good coaches and they are going to spend time coaching everybody and I am just going to be a sponge and take as much knowledge as I can and I am going to build it back.

(on if his size is a big selling point)

I feel a lot of teams like my size and through the whole draft day I hear that I am a big corner, which I am, but I feel that I move really well for my size.

(on if his college teammate Dwayne Gratz is the same style player)

He is a big corner. He is a strong kid. He had more reps than anyone at the Combine for a corner. He is a good corner too.

(on what his height and weight are)

I am 195 pounds and I am 6-foot-1.

(on what other teams showed interest in him)

I worked out with the Jags. (Dwayne) Gratz and I worked out with the Jags. I went to Tampa. I went to Atlanta and I went to Pittsburgh.

(on if this is where he was expecting to be drafted)

This is where my agent told me. He said second or third round. As soon as I got the call and I saw Tennessee, it put a smile on my face.

(on if he knows about the current Titans secondary)

I know they have Alterraun Verner, (Jason) McCourty. They have some corners there and it will be great to learn from McCourty who just got a big deal. He played at Rutgers a couple years before me so that's a Big East tie right there. I am just coming in and hoping to learn from these guys.

(on if he visited the Titans)

I knew they were interested because they worked (Dwayne) Gratz out. They wanted to work me out as well but I was going to be working on my 40 for Pro Day. I thought it was best for me to focus on running my 40 so I actually didn't work out for the Titans. I think the scout was disappointed in me for doing that, so I could tell there was some interest there.

(on if it is a surprise when a team picks you when they didn't really show a ton of interest in you)

Yeah, I mean it's a situation where sometimes teams find different ways to show how they want somebody. On draft day they called me so I know that they really wanted me. 

(on why he didn't start playing football until senior year of high school)

I played soccer before I played football. That was probably they first sport I picked up probably since I was five through my junior year of high school. I had a late growth spurt so it was kind of a safety thing. My dad didn't like that played football, so in sixth, seventh or eighth grade I played soccer. My senior year I had a nice growth spurt and played the sport that I really wanted to play.

(on how big he was in eighth grade)

Maybe 100 pounds and 5-foot-5 or four. I wasn't that big.  I always wanted to play football. As soon as the opportunity presented itself I took it and grabbed any opportunity I could.

(on if he could kick if needed)

I was the backup kicker.

(on the recovery from the MCL injury a couple of years ago)

I think I went knee to knee with my teammate and it was in the air. I went for a deep ball and the safety hit me knee to knee or when I landed. I don't really know how it exactly happened. It's been fine ever since and I haven't had any problems with it. The Combine, the Senior Bowl, all of the physicals I did there were no problems or red flags or anything like that. It's been 100 percent ever since and I am just ready to go.

(on if he has ever been to Nashville)

The closest I have ever been to Nashville is probably Louisville.

(on who else recruited him other than UConn) Buffalo was the only other offer.

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