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Conference Call: Baylor WR Kendall Wright


(on if he thought the Titans were going to draft him)

I had no clue.  I knew they liked me a lot, but I had no clue they were going to draft me because this draft thing is crazy.  I'm excited to be a Tennessee Titan.

(on how much he knows about the Titans and the offense they run)

I watched a little film when I was there, so I know that they have some explosive receivers, like Kenny Britt that I can learn from, and they have a great running back in Chris Johnson.  They have two quarterbacks in Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker too that are really good and they can sling it.

(on where he thought he would be drafted)

I honestly had no idea.  I knew coming into the draft that I had to stay positive and that nobody knew where they were going to be drafted except Robert Griffin and Andrew Luck.  I was just staying positive.

(on who he has been compared to as a receiver)

I have been compared to Steve Smith, DeSean Jackson and Santonio Holmes.

(on if he made Robert Griffin III who he is)

No, we made each other as good as we were.  I didn't make him and he didn't make me.  We made each other and we helped the Baylor team and it was totally a team effort.

(on what about his route running that compares to Steve Smith and DeSean Jackson)

I have no idea really.  I guess they feel we are similar receivers, smaller receivers.  I think that is why they compare us and Steve Smith is ferocious going across the middle and making big grabs.  I like playing big.  I'm not a big receiver, but I like playing big.

(on if his speed is one of his strengths)

That is part of it.  I like running by people or taking a short pass and whatever it is for a long way.  I like getting yards after the catch.

(on if he played primarily in the slot)

I have no idea where they are going to play me.  Primarily, I really have no idea.  I'm versatile so I can play both.

(on how many years he played basketball)

I have been playing basketball forever.  I played my freshman year in college and that was it.

(on why he wanted to play both sports in college)

I like basketball.  That was my first love, but there are not too many basketball players in the league that are 5-10, 5-11.  I stuck with football.

(on what team he grew up rooting for)

I didn't even grow up watching the NFL.

(on what got him interested in football)

I started out playing pee wee.  I was really fast and I liked being active, so when they started the little league football team and I just wanted to go out there and play.

(on if he has talked to Robert Griffin III since being drafted)

I haven't talked to him yet.

(on what the last couple hours have been like)

It has been crazy.  It is very exciting.  I am so glad to be a Tennessee Titan right now.  It is crazy.  I can't wait to see what I can help bring to the team.

(on if he knows any of the other receivers on the team)

I know they have Kenny Britt and Nate Washington.  I have heard of those names.

(on if being a first round pick is important to him)

It is, but I feel like coming into this thing if I wasn't drafted in the first round, second round or third round or whenever I was drafted, I feel like with my work ethic and my ability I feel like I can make any team.

(on the Titans saying they expect him to make plays as a rookie)

Oh yeah.  I'm definitely ready to make plays as a rookie, as a receiver or kick returner or punt returner, wherever they need me at.

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