Coach Whisenhunt's Wednesday Practice Report



(on Jake Locker's injury status)

It's similar to what it was the last time. We'll see how it progresses during the week. He wants to play. We'll monitor it day by day.

(on how much Jake Locker was able to do today)

I didn't have any expectations of what he could or couldn't do. We've taken it one day at a time, and we'll see how it goes. We know he's a tough guy.

(on making a decision on injured players playing)

We do that with our trainer, Todd (Toriscelli). He does a great job of working with these guys and having a feel for that. You get a sense of a player when you've been around them for a little while, about what they can and can't do, what's best for the team. All of those things combine in making the decision of what we feel like's the right one.

(on Jake Locker practicing today)

He threw it a little bit today. That'll be something that'll probably progress as we go through the week.

(on the effect of switching between quarterbacks)

I don't know that that affects anything. You've got different guys playing different positions all the time. I know quarterback's a little bit different. Charlie (Whitehurst) got a lot of reps with these guys during camp, during the OTAs, as did Zach (Mettenberger). You have to be prepared for that in this league.

(on having three active quarterbacks during a game)

I certainly wouldn't rule it out. I wouldn't say there's the probability of it. I don't know. A lot of it depends on where you are with your roster and what you need.

(on Kendall Wright's touchdowns against Cleveland)

It's just the way the progressions went, really is all it is. That's the way to try to keep it consistent and be effective offensively, going through the progressions. The ball comes to you some games, some games it doesn't. It's just dictated really by what they do.

(on Kendall Wright's cuts trying to allude defenders)

Kendall (Wright's) an explosive player. He's doing a nice job for us. I'm excited to see his growth in this offense. He can do a lot of things, as evidenced by that run he had last week.

(on improving at the start of the game)

It was different than the two games before it. I still kind of argue with you a little bit about Cincinnati. I know we did start OK against Cincinnati. We missed two field goals, and that hurt us. Last week, I sat here and said we were doing some things, that our focus was to start faster, and we did that. We responded as a team and played pretty good football. That's a positive sign. Amid all the things that are going on and disappointment that we have in not having a better record, we made some progress last week. Now we have to put it together for a whole game.

(on improvements in the first half against Cleveland)

Defensively, we got them stopped. Offensively, we converted third downs. We were good in the red zone. We had a good mix going back and forth offense run to pass. There were a lot of really positive things in that first half. We played more like we did when we were playing against Kansas City. The thing that's frustrating for all of us is we know that team's in there, we've just got to bring that team out.

(on missing Bernard Pollard at practice)

(It's) a little bit different. We miss Bernard (Pollard). I think regardless of all the chatter, you respect the way he goes about his business.

(on vocal players stepping up in place of Bernard Pollard)

I think we have a lot of guys that speak defensively. I think Bernard (Pollard) was just the loudest. That's probably what you guys heard, so that's not really a concern for me. I think that the communication with a lot of different guys on our defense is very good.

(on George Wilson and Daimion Stafford on defense)

Daimon (Stafford) had a good camp. George (Wilson) has played well for us this year. That's what an NFL roster's all about, having guys that can step in and play when they need to. If we're going to try to continue to build this and we're going to try to continue to play better football, guys have to do that.

(on what he sees from tape of the Jacksonville Jaguars)

They play hard. They work at it. They do a lot of things well.

(on the emphasis of needing a win this week)

We all want to win. That's what we do this for. It's been tough, especially being so close last week. I don't think there's any extra emphasis on that other than it is every week. We're going to prepare, we've said our goal is to come out and play a complete game. We've managed to start better, and a couple of opportunities in that second half, we would have won last week. We've got something to build off of. What's the important thing is that we can do that, build off of that and play well in this game.

(on filling the cornerback spot)

We feel good about (Marqueston) Huff doing a little bit of both. I felt like he could fit into that role. Brandon (Ghee) worked out well for us when he came in here. He's been with one of our coaches before, so we have a little bit of history with him. It's a situation where that position, get him in here and see if we can get him caught up.

(on Brandon Ghee and his time with the Bengals)

They drafted him, so you'd have to ask them what they liked when they drafted him. I know that Louie (Cioffi) spoke highly of him as a player and as a teammate, and that's part of the evaluation, but it really came down to how he worked out.

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