Coach Whisenhunt's Wednesday Practice Report



(on how much Jake Locker was able to do today)

Not much, but mentally he was into it and preparing.

(on making decisions on injuries based on positions)

That's the NFL every week once you get into the season. You're facing a decision just like last week with Jason McCourty.

(on whether Jake Locker has improved since Monday)

I can only go on what the trainer tells, because we've been working on game planning and then preparing for practice today. We've talked, and we knew it's going to be a process. Nothing's changed about that. He's getting better. It's just a question of how quickly that progresses.

(on whether the decision to play Jake Locker will wait until Sunday morning)

I don't know. I'll have to see. That decision will be determined by how the week progresses in the next couple of days.

(on how comfortable he would be playing Jake Locker without much practice)

I don't know Jake (Locker) that well. All I can do is go off of talking with him and seeing how he prepares. He works hard. He's into it today. I respect that. We haven't gone through this process with a lot of our players, so I can't honestly answer that yet.

(on what makes Colts QB Andrew Luck such a good player)

There are probably a lot of things he's really good at. That's probably why he's such a good quarterback. I have a lot of respect for him, the way he plays, the plays that he makes. He's a good football player. There are a lot of things he does well. It's not my job to determine what he does well or what he doesn't do well. I recognize that he's a good football player. He's had a lot of success. I certainly respect that.

(on if he looks for anything in particular on film from the Colts)

I don't really categorize it that way, to be honest with you. They've got good football players.

(on what the Colts have done against opponents over the past few weeks)

I just look at the games and how they play. I don't really pay attention to what that is. In the NFL, it really doesn't matter what your record is. You're going to get a good team every week. They have good players. They've had success the last two years. We're playing at their place. It's going to be tough. They're a good football team.

(on the importance of special teams this week)

We've got to have an improvement over last week, that's for sure. That is one area of many areas that was not up to par. I think that we made that a point that we've got to play better in special teams, our specialists, as well as the team. It's critical when you play a division game against a good opponent that we don't make the kind of field position mistakes that we made last week.

(on improvements on players being in gaps)

A big difference it makes. We didn't give up a number of significant plays in the Cincinnati game, but we still gave up too much. Offense contributed to that. We didn't help the defense out. It was an entire team effort, disappoint from that standpoint. There were areas that were better.

(on how Charlie Whitehurst would handle starting in a regular season game)

To be honest with you, I know that we talk about regular season games being different than preseason games, and they are from a standpoint of intensity. I've been through eight preseason games with him, so I feel like I've seen him play in a game. I've seen him go in and perform well, so I don't really have a question as far as what it would be like Sunday with Charlie (Whitehurst). I feel like I've got a pretty good read on that after being with him for two camps and two offseasons.

(on if he game planned for preseason games)

Last year we did, as a new staff. We didn't as much this year, but you still had plays that you wanted to run. We didn't game plan the opponent, but we did work on plays that we wanted to see that maybe created matchups to get assessments of players.

(on what makes Charlie Whitehurst unique as a backup quarterback)

I think that's inherent with that position. He works hard at it. He certainly studies. He's been in this system. One of the things that you liked about him was you know he's going to be prepared from that standpoint.

(on the AFC South game against the Colts as a fresh start)

You guys keep reminding me of what our record is right now, so it really doesn't feel like a fresh start. This is another opportunity for us to go out and play and get better, and that's really what we want to focus on. It's a division game, and those games are important. Tennessee has not had a lot of success against Indianapolis. We're working to try to flip that. That's all you can do. Our guys had a good day of practice today, and we've got to stack those on top of each other.

(on Jake Locker not throwing much outside of the pocket)

We've had some things where we were designed to do that. The way the games have gone, we haven't necessarily gotten to them. Jake (Locker) can do that, and that will always continue to be a part of our plans. There are going to be some times when you see more of that, some times that you don't.

(on resigning Chase Coffman)

He was productive for us. We felt like we knew what he was, and he came close to making our team. When we had a situation where we had two tight ends that were banged up, he's a known quantity, and our quarterbacks are comfortable with him. All of those things kind of went into that decision.

(on Colts ILB D'Qwell Jackson)

We tried to get D'Qwell (Jackson). We had him in here on a free agent visit. We liked him. I thought he was a good football player. It's not surprising that he's playing good football.

(on how the team will honor Rob Bironas on game day)

I'm sure there will be a plan for that. Unfortunately, I didn't really know Rob (Bironas) that well. I think that our organization certainly recognizes his contributions, and we feel for his family. That will be announced when they've come to a decision on that.

(on whether players will attend the funeral services for Rob Bironas)

We've provided the information for that. The visitation tonight for our players and for the service tomorrow.

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