Coach Whisenhunt's Thursday Practice Report



(on being prepared to play against Browns QB Johnny Manziel)

After coming off of a bye week, there probably is a chance that we'll see him. It's no different than preparing for any NFL player. You've just got to play your scheme and hope all of that holds up.

(on Johnny Manziel's versatility)

I think there are a lot of players that have versatility that can do a lot of things, and they use them, Cleveland uses those guys, regardless of Johnny Manziel. He's a talented young player. I'm sure they'll find a way to use him, and it may happen this week, so we'll prepare the best we can.

(on Jake Locker's status)

He did fine today. The thing was how he felt after yesterday's practice, so I don't see any reason that he wouldn't play Sunday.

(on creating turnovers and taking back the ball)

I'll take them any way you can get them and quit turning them over. That's what we have to do. The number one thing for us is to stop turning the ball over and be better on third downs. Hopefully we can get a few turnovers ourselves. Maybe we're due to get some.

(on if streamlining the offense can help with third downs)

I hope so. We've had opportunities on third down. We've dropped the ball, we've done a bunch of different things that have prevented us from being successful. Hopefully we'll have some success early and get over the hump, and then it won't be an issue.

(on if streamlining the offense creates less clutter on offense)

I hope now at this point that when you've got a game plan that you can focus on what that is and not have issues with it. We're obviously making a few too many mistakes. Some of it really is not necessarily as much mistakes as it is technique errors that are not allowing, like going too deep on a route or not taking the correct angle of departure, for lack of a better term. Those are all things, if we get better, if we can just execute better, we'll be fine.

(on facing the Browns' offensive line)

They do have a good line. It is one of those things where we feel like we've got a good defensive front. It will be important that we do a good job matching up with them. They're going to try to run the football on us. They do a nice job of protection and give their quarterback time. Those are all things that we have to try to counter. We need to generate some pressure if we can. That's one of the areas that we want to get better at. Also, we've got to stop the run. We did a better job of that last week, so hopefully we can build off of that.

(on Avery Williamson's progress)

He's getting there. Avery (Williamson's) working. That's what you want your young players to do. We've got a number of young players that are doing that. I think I said yesterday, Bishop (Sankey's) one of those guys. He's doing the same thing. He's improving, and that's what you want to see out of them because you know they're going to have to play. When you have a 53-man roster, everybody's got to play at some point.

(on Justin Hunter's confidence)

I can't make that assessment, you'd have to ask Justin (Hunter) about that. He's working hard in practice. He had one play in the game last week. That happens in the league. Unfortunately, it popped up in the air, and they caught it. If it had gone into the ground or not been intercepted, then it's not as dramatic, for lack of a better word. Justin works hard at practice. He's had a good week, so hopefully that will show up for us Sunday.

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