Coach Whisenhunt's Thursday Practice Report



(On Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli)

His style of defense, they're disciplined, they play hard. You know what you're going to see from them. He's done a great job over the years of getting his players to play for him.

(On if the Cowboys defense this year is different from last year)

In what little I've seen of them, no. We don't have a lot of regular season tape, just one game on them, but not from what I've seen.

(On preparing for an opponent that he doesn't regularly play)

It is what it is. That's the way the NFL is. The only ones you really feel that comfort with, or I shouldn't say comfort but really knowing a lot about them is your division opponents. Then there are other teams that you seem like you play every year. You get ready, you've got time. You just put the work in Monday. What's difficult a little bit, maybe, is trying to simulate the looks from your team, but that's no different than any other team that you play in the NFL.

(On Dexter McCluster's versatility at running back)

That's part of the reason we signed him, we felt like he could do it. We're not disappointed at all. He's had a lot of work on it through the spring, and his versatility is one of the things that you like as an offensive coach.

(On Dexter McCluster's size as a running back)

He's big enough to be effective. I don't know that we ever even really worried about that.

(On Dexter McCluster creating flexibility at the running back position)

Last game, we had a number of snaps with Dexter (McCluster) in there running between the tackles, so I'm hopeful that that's what people will see and understand we're going to do that. We're also going to use him with his versatility doing a number of different things, so hopefully we'll have success doing that.

(On Kendall Wright)

From what I've seen of Kendall (Wright), he's an exciting player when he gets in the open field with the ball. We had a play in preseason where he caught it and made a number of yards with it. He said he was going to score but he tripped, but he's an explosive player. He's got good vision. Hopefully we'll get a chance to see him do that this year.

(On playing on a national stage)

We're just focused on preparing. We know we've got an opponent that's a dangerous opponent, that I've said, and we've got to work hard on trying to play the way we did last week. I felt like we were prepared. Our guys worked hard, and we made some plays. If we can do that on a weekly basis, all of that other stuff will take care of itself.

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