Coach Whisenhunt's Monday Press Conference



(Opening Statement)

We are officially in game week which is exciting.  I think we are pretty much done with roster maneuvering.  We are still going to look for opportunities if they are available, and we will see what the wire says today, but from where we are now, we are pretty close to what our 53 is going to be.

(On if he feels the team is better than the initial roster)

Well you hope so.  That is why we made those moves.

(On what he feels the new wide receivers Kris Durham and T.J. Graham will bring to the team)

We'll see.  We liked what we have seen and see where they fit.

(On how long it will take the new players to learn the new system)

You would have to ask those guys.  Until we get them on the field, we'll see.  We have a connection to some degree, some of our coaches have been with them before so they are basically familiar I think with some of the terminology we are doing.  You would have to ask them that.

(On T.J. Graham's speed)

All I can do is what I have seen on tape.  He is a fast player.  He plays fast.  I know Coach Kevin Patullo had him in Buffalo, so we have an understanding of what he can do for us.  I think we will see and we will integrate him in practice.  He will get a lot of reps whether it is with our offense or doing some of the scout reps.  We will get a sense of what he can do.  Obviously, we want to acclimate these guys as quickly as possible, so they can play if they need to.

(On if the team needed a fast option at wide receiver)

If you look at our preseason, I mean Justin (Hunter) and Nate (Washington) both had long plays down the field.  It wasn't like we were deficient in that area.  We had a number of long catches by tight ends too.  He (T.J. Graham) is a talented receiver that has speed.  I think we are just looking to get our roster better from top to bottom.

(On integrating Quentin Groves into the defensive system with him having played in the scheme before)

I would think it wouldn't be a big deal.  He has been with us twice.  He was with us in Arizona and he was in Cleveland with Ray (Horton) last year, so he has played in that defensive scheme before.  I would imagine that wouldn't be too difficult for him.

(On if he thought they would make this many moves)

I think we have said that we are trying to get this team better.  We had opportunities because of who was out there.  That is what we were trying to do.  I don't think you ever really know for sure how many moves you are going to make.  With the first year, there is a lot of turnover and we are asking different guys to play different spots, so hopefully as we get forward we won't make as many moves, but I thought it was something that we felt made us better this year.

(On keeping six wide receivers)

We have gone with six, we have gone with five.  I was asked that question I think back in training camp and I said there have been times we have gone with six.  I think a lot of it is a function of who the receivers are.  Any combination of how you do it with those receivers, so you have enough to get through practice because it seems like those guys do a tremendous amount of running.  If you have five or two on the practice squad or six and one on the practice squad like we have now you can work with those combinations.  Some of it really depends on your roster.

(On how much he appreciates veteran depth compared to the uncertainty of rookies)

Well this league has become about rookies playing, they have to play early.  That is an important piece of it, so you always want to try to get your rookies ready to play.  It is different how you build your roster.  I think it really depends on where your team is.

(On Ryan Succop and what he brings to the team compared to Travis Coons)

Well he is a veteran kicker.  I think he has had five or so game-winning kicks.  He is 87 percent last year which was his highest percentage.  I think he is 11th in the league in touchback percentage.  Don't hold me to those, those are just off the top of my head.  That is an intriguing number for an area that is an important area.  We felt really good about Travis (Coons) and what he did in training camp, but we felt like we had a chance to get a veteran kicker that had done it that we thought was still in the prime of his career that had good stats.  We felt like it was a really good move for our team.

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