Coach Whisenhunt's Friday Training Camp Report



(On Justin Hunter's goals in the offseason)

He's got room to improve. I think he's working at it. He's just a little bit inconsistent. The games are a good test, at least you get to see a little more, but he's doing some good things, and he's lacking some consistency sometimes.

(On Tommie Campbell)

I think you notice sometimes when things don't go right, and he does a good job on others. You don't really notice it. The true test to those guys is when they get a chance to match up in a game. Tommie (Campbell's) working, he's come a long way since we first got here. He's competing.

(On NFL officials officiating practice)

I think it's great. You get to talk about the rules that they're going to implement this year, the rule changes. They get to talk to the players. They've been in meetings today with our players already, so any questions that you have, any year when they have changes on what they're going to do and how they're going to see it, just communicating that with us is great because we get to see it actually on the field. Then we get to go in tonight and they'll do their presentation, and also anything that came up from practice today, we'll have a chance to discuss. Then they're going to be there tomorrow night, too, so it's a good couple of days.

(On officials emphasizing language in games)

We've already talked about that. We've already had that discussion, and I'm sure that the officials will reiterate that tonight.

(On practicing in the stadium)

We're going to try to make it as much like a game situation as we can. We'll give each group an opportunity for a 12-play drive, and how far they take it depends on how the plays go. It's not going to be live. Some of it will be a little bit of judgment, but hopefully we'll get some movement down the field. We'll get some work in different areas, and we'll also get to kick in the stadium, which I think is good, as well.

(On using practice in the stadium to prepare for Green Bay)

I'm really looking forward to next Saturday when we get out there where our fans will be there. We're going to work the head sets, we're going to go to what we do for our game day situations, where our positions are going to be. This is a great opportunity to be at the field and get familiar with it.

(On two-minute drives)

The actual two-minute drive part, I thought we did it pretty good. The first unit moved it downfield. The second unit had to convert a fourth and long, then there was a question on the last play of whether it was a sack or not, but we'll look at it on the tape. I think the mechanics of it, overall, were pretty good. They moved ball, made the situations that we thought were critical work the right way for us. Then we had an opportunity to do something down there where we involved the field goal teams. It was good from that perspective. I think they both did well as far as handling it.

(On the next two days of practice)

I think it's good to change what's going on, change the routine and see how they respond. Going to the stadium is something that's different. Going against another team, obviously they'll get fired up for that, but the hard part is, we've got to travel down there, a long bus ride, stay in a hotel the night before. It's close to simulating traveling on the road to play a game, so a lot of those things you'll get a little bit of an insight as to how we're going to be as a team. There's really a lot more work to do, but at least it gets them out of what we're doing every day. Maybe it will make it a little more fun. Maybe it will make it a little more difficult. We'll see how it works. We're going to do meetings at the hotel.

(On planning the practice in Atlanta)

We were going to do it halfway, like they did it a couple of years ago, so it really wasn't a home team that did it. We couldn't work that out, so it just was easier for us. I like the idea of us going there, because once again, we haven't traveled as a team. It's a little bit tougher situation, going in to their environment after a long bus ride the next day. Can we respond? To me, I think it's great for our team in that situation, and I always really enjoy going against another team.

(On practicing against Atlanta)

We'll start with special teams, where we'll both do some special teams work, then it will be our defense, their offense, their defense, our offense on separate fields going on at the same time.

(On Jason McCourty)

He's a good pro. I'm glad that he's on our team. Good leader, works hard. When you're talking about just starting out, he's a guy that you really like to have here just because of the way that he works, the respect that he has, and he's a good football player.

(On meeting with the officials)

There are different components of it. When we're in the group setting and they do their presentation, it's really more about the rule changes and just what the points of emphasis are going to be this year, but when they come in and stay for a couple of days like they're doing, which they do every year, and they go to the individual meetings, that's when you get the interaction with them. That's when you get to ask them about specific plays. We put together a 15-play tape that we want to ask them about those plays. Some of it involves practice, some of it involves game film. They're getting a chance to use their mechanics or go through what they see and explain to us what they're looking for, and it's not in a pressure situation like it is on game day. Sometimes when those things happen and you try to get an explanation, it's a little difficult, so this in this atmosphere, I think it's great for both parties.

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