Coach Whisenhunt's Friday Practice Report



(on Jake Locker's injury status)

He did a little more. He threw the ball a little bit today, so we'll see how it progresses. He will be listed as questionable.

(on players who don't participate in practice starting on Sunday)

Every situation's different. I think you have to take into account the player, where he is, how prepared they would be. You have to be flexible with that. I don't have a rigid rule.

(on Jake Locker being able to play Sunday)

There are a lot of guys I don't know a lot about right now. I think you have to take each case separately. I know Jake (Locker) works really hard to stay prepared. He's involved, we talk about the plan, the reads, everything like that. It really comes down to a health situation as much as anything. As far as not getting any reps during the week, I don't know. We've still got tomorrow, where we can get some reps and kind of assess that before we have to make that decision.

(on how Charlie Whitehurst has prepared this week)

Not so much from the learning of the reps part is it but from the timing with the guys, but it doesn't look like he's missed too much from a timing perspective with some of the throws that he's made in the game. He hit Justin (Hunter) in stride, he hit Kendall (Wright) in the end zone. He's hit it to Delanie (Walker) a few times. It's also Zach (Mettenberger's) getting more work, too, so if there's anything positive about that whole situation, which you have to look at in a positive light, that's one way to look at it. Certainly we don't like that for Jake (Locker).

(on his expectations from Taylor Lewan starting this week)

I guess we'll see Sunday. He's a very athletic guy that's worked very hard. He got a lot of play time in the preseason. Hopefully he'll play well. That's what we expect him to do, and I think he expects the same thing. I know he's very excited about it.

(on Jake Locker's injury history)

I'm not going to comment on any of the injuries that have been in the past. He hit his thumb on a helmet. That happens. You see it happen in the league. I'm not making any judgments based off of that. It's an unfortunate thing. He's progressing. He's getting better. We'll see when he's ready to go.

(on Kendall Wright being the third quarterback this Sunday)

That's the most likely scenario. We've been prepared to do that before, so if we have to do that again, we've already worked that to some degree.

(on Kendall Wright's quarterback skills)

He's got a good arm. He can throw the football. I don't know about dropping back and throwing it 25 times a game.

(on stopping momentum in games)

In our game, I don't think it was a matter of composure. We had an opportunity to make some plays, but when two big plays are taken away from you, that's hard to overcome. Usually what happens, like last night was the case, they had a turnover and ran it back for a touchdown. They had a couple of turnovers, and that kind of turned the tide. If you think about our game and those two turnovers that we got that were taken away from us, that's very difficult. We fought, our guys got out there, you can see by the effort defensively getting off the field on fourth down twice that we were still in the game. I think last week was a little bit of a unique game from that perspective. I don't think it was as much about momentum as it was about being shocked that two good plays were taken away from us. It's hard. One is hard enough. It's hard enough to get turnovers in this league, but to get two in one game that were legitimate turnovers that were good plays by us and to get them taken away, that's very difficult, emotionally, to overcome, as you can tell by the reaction of our fans in the stands.

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