Coach Whisenhunt's Friday Practice Report



(on Taylor Thompson and Blidi Wreh-Wilson's injuries)

Doubtful for Taylor (Thompson), and questionable for Blidi (Wreh-Wilson).

(on Blidi Wreh-Wilson's concussion status)

He's in the protocol, but he is showing some progress. He's getting a little better.

(on players who are filling in for Blidi Wreh-Wilson)

I guess we'll find out Sunday, if Blidi (Wreh-Wilson) can't go. We've had a good week of practice. These guys have worked well. We've looked at different guys in different spots, and we feel like we've got an idea of how we want to play it Sunday if Blidi can't go.

(on the injury report)

They're all good. They were all full (participation) today. They're all listed as probable.

(on Jake Locker's week)

I guess we'll see Sunday. He's had a good week of practice. The first days working back into it with the hand, we weren't sure how he was going to be, but he's progressed as the week has gone along.

(on breaking out of an early game funk)

That's important for us, because we haven't done it. You don't want to press. You don't want to make a mistake because you're tight. You've got to be loose, and you've got to be confident. We haven't done well in the first quarter, and that's an important thing for us. We have to do better in the first quarter. I think it's fine for your team to focus and say we've got to play better, we've got to make a play early. Let's not ignore the obvious. We've had things go against us early in games, which has kind of been piled on from that point. We've got to stop that cycle.

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