Coach Whisenhunt's Friday Practice Report



(on Jake Locker practicing today)

It's encouraging that we got to see Jake (Locker) do a little bit. It is encouraging, but that's what we anticipated, and we're hopeful that he'll progress more, and we'll obviously see what we can do tomorrow, and that will determine a lot of what we decide.

(on how Jake Locker will be listed Sunday)

Questionable. Limited and questionable, it's what he did today. Encouraging, but it's what we anticipated.

(on Delanie Walker's status)

Delanie (Walker's) made a lot of progress, so I feel good about Delanie.

(on how Delanie Walker will be listed Sunday)

Limited, and just to make sure he doesn't have a flare-up, we'll list him as questionable.

(on Charlie Whitehurst's performance this week)

Charlie (Whitehurst) had a good week, but you expect him to have a good week. He understands that role, and obviously he's been studying and keeping up.

(on Ropati Pitoitua's injury status)

He didn't (practice), so he'll be doubtful, as will Taylor (Thompson).

(on issues with third downs this season)

Obviously, it hasn't been anywhere close to being good enough. We were the best team in the league in preseason and had a good one in the first game. It's been execution. It's been third-and-longs. It's been situations in the game. A lot of times when you've been in those types of games, that happens. Dallas really hurt us because we didn't make any in the first half, and that was a competitive game. We made the first two last week, and we didn't do anything after that. It's something that, obviously, we've got to be better with.

(on Kris Durham's progress)

He's doing a good job. Kris (Durham) is great. I know if Kris has to play, he'll be ready, and he'll do a good job.

(on preparing to play in an indoor stadium)

I've been there, but not to play a game. I hear if the roof's open and the doors are open that there is some wind. Our guys have a better feel for it after having been there. It's something we talked about. We'll go in. We played in two domes in preseason, so it's not like it's the first time we've ever been in one.

(on determining Jake Locker's status on Saturday)

We've just got to see how much he progresses physically, which is what we've said all along. Some of it is a reaction to what he did today, how he responds to that, and then where we think he is as far as being able to play.

(on Charlie Whitehurst getting reps in practice this week)

It really wasn't a matter of choice, because Jake (Locker) wasn't getting any. One of the things about that position, and if a guy's going to be effective in that role, is you have to be able to play with limited reps. Charlie (Whitehurst's) gotten a lot of reps, so hopefully that will even make it better if he's the one that has to go.

(on Chase Coffman returning to the team)

It doesn't even seem like Chase (Coffman) has been gone, to be honest with you. It's good to be able to have a guy that could come in and fit right in the way he did. It certainly helps with Taylor (Thompson's) situation, just to have somebody that's been in the offense and been productive in the offense and understands it. He can certainly help us out if we need that.

(on being able to focus on Sunday's game)

It's nice. It's always good. As the week progresses, you get more and more excited about the game and a division opponent this week. (It's) a team that's won the division, so you're excited about that. The practice and the prepping, that stuff's all hard. Playing the games, participating in the games, that's fun. That's what you really work for. It kind of brings your focus in and puts all of the distractions out, and go play the game.

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