Coach Whisenhunt's Friday Practice Report


(On feeling prepared for Sunday's game)

You always feel that way. This is the first week of doing it, I guess we'll find out when we get in there Sunday. The way they've worked, I've been happy with that. We've had our normal share of mistakes that you do. Some of it's our guys trying to give the look, and some of it is us just working on the plan. As far as where they are mentally and getting ready to go in there and understanding what we're going to face when we go in there, I feel good about that.

(On continuing to use crowd noise during practice)

It depends on what LP Field's like. Sometimes we'll flip it and do it defensively, because they have to communicate in the noise, too, especially at home games. I think it's depending on the opponent and how we feel like the conditions are going to be. It's not something you've got to work on.

(On being comfortable with two quarterbacks on Sunday)

I guess you'll know when the inactives come out Sunday. Every week, you have to do it based on the team. There are some situations that you have to consider multiple guys being up or not being up, and it's really where you are as a team. I can't tell you if there's a strict formula.

(On injured players practicing today)

Mike (Martin) will stay questionable, but the other two guys practiced fully today.

(On Mike Martin's progress)

Mike's doing well.

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