Coach Munchak's Wednesday Camp Report



(on the plan for naming a starting quarterback for the game against Seattle)

We'll talk with the staff. We're going to start talking about Seattle tonight and tomorrow. We start practicing some of their stuff tomorrow, so we'll talk tonight about personnel and make the decision on who is going to play when, how long and all those things.

(on how much should be read into the starting quarterback decision)

Nothing. Just like practice out here, they both play about the same amount of time. So I just think it's a matter of them going out and playing the best that they can when they're out there and the groups that they're with. We just have to figure out and see who's healthy, and who we may or may not play in the game because of health reasons as we always do on offense, defense and special teams. Just see what the best way to go about this game is, as far as how long we want to play people and the different positions. We'll do that tonight and tomorrow.

(on if he's planning on starting different quarterbacks during the preseason)

I really hadn't given much thought as far as that goes. That's the decision we can make as we're in the moment of that week of practice and where we're at. No, that's not going to mean a whole lot as to who's out there first or second.

(on if they'll decide who is starting tonight)

Yeah. We'll talk as far as a staff, and tomorrow in practice we'll decide. We usually talk to the players so they have an idea of exactly what they're going to do, what the plan is for the game, how much they're going to play. Like I said, we have 90 guys out here, and a lot of them have earned the right to play. These first couple of games are games we try to give the guys a chance to show what they can do, the young guys. We have a lot of competition, not just at quarterback, but all the pieces affect each other. As far as who is playing, you want to have the right mixes in there. That's the stuff you work on, and you kind of put it together. Tomorrow we'll have a good idea who we're playing, and how much.

(on if Kamerion Wimbley is performing how he expected him to be)

I just think it's nice to see how well he's adjusted to the position of playing defensive end every down, which I think he's very comfortable and very happy he is doing. In practice, he's doing everything we hoped he would. He's got some good quickness, good moves. I think the other guys have responded to him as far as his work ethic and the way they're practicing. Now it's just to kind of get some live reps and see how close you are getting to that quarterback and how much pressure we can put on him, put the ball carrier on the ground. I think for a defense, that's the exciting part because those are the things you just can't do in practice. I think him, and the other guys will kind of get a better feel for where we're at as we get into the preseason.

(on if the preseason will be important for Kamerion Wimbley to adjust to the defensive end position)

Yeah, but he's done it enough with the Raiders, and he's played enough nickel where he's been on second and third down or two-minute drills where he's played a lot of defensive end with his hand down. He's very familiar with the position, and he's always been in a two-point, an up stance which he's done in some packages here. I don't know that it will be that difficult for him. The guy's in great shape. I'll just be curious if I want to play him a lot, I assume, because he's in great shape, he's going to probably want to play more than we'll probably allow him to play.

(on if Kamerion Wimbley is the top impact player on pass rush)

Well, he's our new guy, so I would expect him to bring something to it. I think all the guys will get better. I think you're counting on (Jurrell) Casey to continue where he left off, Karl Klug to pick up, Derrick Morgan to make an impact, and the rest of young guys. (Pannel) Egboh has been doing a nice job. You kind of want to see how these guys play we get them in, and try to find the right combination to rush the passer with. Again, you're not going to be doing a lot of things as far as blitzing and a lot of things you'll be doing in a real game. But you'll still get the opportunity to see guys one-on-one and kind of see where we're at.

(on the dynamics of Fernando Velasco at center and the quarterbacks)

I don't think there is a real problem with that. I think it's more of getting used to the silent count. I guess that would be the one area they need to work on most, so they just know the snaps. They've done it enough together last year. Fernando is out there every day at practice snapping for those guys and Fernando still got a lot of reps at center last year during practice. He didn't really get any games. So, I don't see that as being a big issue. I think it's just worrying about the guys getting used to playing with each other, with Leroy, Fernando, Hutch, and those guys getting reps together and just getting comfortable with what's happening inside.

(on Markelle Martin running out of time to make an impression)

I think it gets hard. There is no doubt he doesn't want to be missing time and you want him here. So, it's frustrating for him. I think we are just making sure. Since we are allowed 90, it'd be silly to be short numbers. It's the same that we are doing on the offensive line. If you lose one guy, then you're on the fence. So we are just bringing a lot of young guys to get a feel for what may fit depending on those guys who have health issues like Markelle, depending on how quickly he can get back or can't get back. We are still hoping for the best and maybe we will see here on the field in a couple of weeks and he will still have a chance to show us what he can do.

(on the type of player that Tracy Wilson is)

We don't know a whole lot about him. He is a young guy. I think he was with the Jets last year. So, it's something we've seen limited film on. We've liked him. Our scouts liked him. People who have watched him as a young player liked him, so that's why he is here, to see if he can help us with some reps and so he can go on special teams. It's tough on him coming in this late before a game, but there is a good chance to see what he can do.

(on whether the Titans ever considered getting Terrell Owens)

I think we are happy with what we have. I think with drafting Kendall Wright as our first round draft pick to what we had last year when the season ended with guys that have played as good as they played since they've been here. I think we are happy with the direction our receivers are going. And yeah the first round into it, and the fact that Kenny Britt didn't play last year either, so having him back at some point is going to even add more to what we have.

(on was Terrell Owens ever thought of being brought on to the team )

No, we looked at every position and we are happy with our draft pick in Kendall Wright and the young players. Kenny Britt is getting healthy and we feel comfortable with what we have here.

(on did Kevin Matthews go full  speed today)

Yes he did. I think he is excited to be back out there. It is hard for somebody to miss four to five practices, from what I can tell he was able to do everything today. We are going to see how he responses these next few days.

(on the degree of Run n' Shoot concepts that Chris (Palmer) injecting into the offense)

It is always going to be a part of the game plan. To what degree, you will have to ask Chris on exactly how much he feels he is incorporating what we used back in the 90s. It has changed and it is used different ways. It's not Run n' Shoot anymore. It is a lot of choice routes, a lot of decisions to make, a lot of reading coverages on the move and some other things. That is something he will be more able to answer better than I can. I think there is a little more this year than last year because the guys are more familiar with what we are doing.

(on did he like Run n' Shoot when he was running it)

We are not running that offense. We have a tight end and a fullback, the concepts are good. We do a lot of great things with passing concepts. We have a lot of receivers that put up good numbers but you cannot compare the two because we are not doing the same things. We are doing the same passing concepts, but I have different personnel groupings. We are getting the best of both worlds.

(on what Pannel Egboh is doing well and Derrick Morgan is not doing well)

I think we'll have to wait to see how things unfold. First of all, this is training camp. We're 10 days in. I think Egboh has been doing a nice job. He's been doing exactly what I mentioned to you all what we were going to do. We're rolling guys around, seeing where guys fit. Egboh's been making some plays. I think you saw him rotating in there with the first rush group. He played some three-technique and rushed at that position. He's played at the defensive end spot. He's played the open end spot. So we have a guy who's not starting, like him, we're trying to give him opportunity to see if he can make the team and help us. Does that mean that's the look we're going to have in the Patriot game? That's four or five weeks away. That's a long time from now. I think that's one thing you're seeing. So when you do that, you're mixing other guys around. We're moving Mike Martin around. Mike Martin's running with the third team, with the second team, and you're seeing him with the first team. I think we're doing exactly what we should do. I think we have some good, young guys who can create some pressure and some problems. Now we're seeing how to best use guys and that's really the process what you're seeing us go through right now. We'll settle down once we get to games and we'll see who's doing what and how guys perform when it gets more game like.

(on crowd noise during practice as a good preparation for the noise level at games)

I hope it is. You like teams that can add the noise factor. We were up there a couple years ago, and I remember it being a big problem, as far as noise, for the first group. Sometimes you have to worry on third down, maybe when you'll get some noise especially early. We played in Green Bay a couple years ago during preseason. Obviously their fans are into preseason games like it's regular season games, so you have to be prepared for that. As a staff, you hope you get it, so it's something you can work your way through rather than waiting until the regular season.

(on whether he leans toward choosing Matt Hasselbeck as the starting quarterback for the preseason game against Seattle because of his ties to Seattle)

Yeah, I'm sure, but it's not a big deal. We're not acting like we're holding something that's this great info. Today is camp practice. We're in camp mode. We're not really thinking about Saturday yet. We will start tomorrow. Yeah, we will factor in what we think is the best way to go, and tomorrow we'll decide how we're going to do it.

*(on whether or not there is an update on Dave Ball)*

No. Dave is here today. Not practicing. Hopefully over the next couple of days he'll have an opportunity to get out there.

(on why Dave Ball did not practice today)

I think he still has some concussion like symptoms that we're being careful with. We're just being cautious.

(on if Dave Ball's concussive-like symptoms are worse than any others he has had previously)

Not that we know of. He talked to the doctor and started doing things again activity wise, he checked him out every day and we'll see how much more he can do. That's not in our hands. So, not that I know of. I obviously have talked to him today quite a bit. He's out here on the field today. Similar to Kevin Matthews a week ago. So, hopefully he'll progress and have an opportunity to get back up.

(on whether he is concerned about Dave Ball)

I'm concerned any time someone gets any type of concussion-like symptoms or feels kind of uneasy. I don't know much about all of that doctor-wise to figure that out. But, I think it is scary for anyone to have something bother them. So yeah, I am concerned for him like I was for Kevin or anyone else that has something wrong with them. No more so for him than I am for anyone else. 

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