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Coach Munchak's Tuesday Camp Report




(on the energy during tonight's practice)

Yeah, it was good. I thought it would be with the weather. We've had two really great days with weather as far as cooling down for us. Finishing up these last two days of camp, we got a lot of covered, a lot of reps, a lot of competition periods, a lot of situations. Yeah, I thought it was good work. They fought through it. Good film, we'll watch it tomorrow and then start working on Tampa Bay.

(on whether Jake Locker is ready for his first start)

Yeah, I think so. Like I said, they got a little two-minute there. They got stuff down in the goal line, the red zone stuff. We had some blitz periods. They're getting a lot of situation work in. He and Matt (Hasselbeck) are obviously getting in a lot of work in a lot of different situations that come up in games. I thought both of them moved the offense pretty well today.

(on whether he will implement more schemes or try to keep it simple and allow players to make plays)

It will be pretty simple. I mean Tampa Bay has played one game with their staff so there is one film really to watch that was pretty vanilla. I'm sure they'll add a few more things. We're going to do the same things. By tomorrow, it's Wednesday already, and we haven't watched any film. Well, the players haven't. They'll watch it Wednesday and practice Thursday for them (Tampa Bay). So, it won't be a whole lot different than it was last week. But, you can still do a lot of things. I still think you're going to see a lot of plays like you saw last week. There were a lot of plays being made that we didn't make, but we made some. So, this is an opportunity for guys to go out and show that they can make plays on offense and defense and that they can help us win games.

(on if he surprised the players with the competition period at practice)

I think the coaches mentioned it to them. We had a short week this week, so now that we have all the installation in, every day is just mixing all the different things in and showing both sides a lot of different things. We thought it was fun to let everyone watch what everybody actually does. It's fun to watch the offensive line to watch receivers go one-on-one and receivers to watch those guys go one-on-one, to watch the backs go one-on-one versus the linebackers. So, I think it was good for all of them to see all that.

(on whether Coty Sensabaugh's big play at practice was good for a rookie)

Yes it is. He did a heck of a job. That's what's fun. No matter what happens on the first two, it's usually two-two going into the fifth and deciding one. So I always try to tell them you put your best guy fifth, but it was good. I think that's what you want out here. You want everyone watching. They know there are some consequences, some up-downs when they lose. They start cheering once they figure that out. So, I think it was good.

(on if the cornerback position will be a position with the most difficult choices to make)

That's what we think. I hope they keep improving like they have been. Improvements from Coty Sensabaugh, Ryan Mouton, Tommie Campbell. We have some young guys that are fighting for playing time and want to get on the field. They are versatile where they can move into the nickel, a couple of them. Mouton can and Sensabaugh can. So there are ways they can get on the field that way. They can play special teams. So, these games are real important for them to separate from each other if they can and show us that they can play.

(on the need to keep more cornerbacks now compared to 10 years ago)

Probably. I think people will do more, because they are flexible now and can do more than one thing. Play the corner, play the nickel and special teams. All of that is a huge plus. That whole area in the secondary with the safeties, you try and find the best guys because you are going to play them all different ways with the way you rotate them.

(on Mike Otto's hand injury)

Finger. Don't know the extent, it may be broken or jammed on the pass rush. I didn't get a chance to see him until he actually went in, so we will have to see how bad that is.

(on Aaron Francisco's current status)

Just sore, we rested him a day. He was a little sore from the game and came out yesterday and was sore so we are resting him another day.

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