Coach Munchak's Thursday Practice Report



(on the health of Chris Johnson) 

CJ (Chris Johnson) was limited but he looked pretty good running. He didn't do all the reps but he obviously did some reps so if there is no soreness tomorrow for him then we assume that he is in good shape.

(on if Chris Johnson missing practice time is a big issue for him) 

I don't think so because he knows things pretty well, he is a pretty smart player. You would like him to get reps but at this time in the season some people think it's better because you are resting a little bit more, you are resting your body. I think he will be fine.

(on if Chris Johnson can cut as well as he needs to) 

I think he was being careful. There is no doubt he was being careful but I don't think he was restricted where he thought he couldn't do it. I think it's more just confidence again and learning again and not thinking about it. We will see how he is tomorrow, but he should be fine.

(on if Jamie Harper can step in and carry the load) 

Yeah we feel good about him. Jamie (Harper), we have a lot of confidence in him from how he played in the preseason and he has been dressed up for a while now so he is getting more comfortable. If he has to take 10-15 carries then I think he feels pretty good about it, and we always have Ahmard Hall also…My point is that I think he can handle that. Would he get that? I don't know, it depends how this game turns out running versus passing and how CJ (Chris Johnson) is with the runs he has. I feel that we will be no different than we were with (Javon) Ringer and CJ in the past and we will just see how it goes. If we have long drives then I'm sure (Jamie) Harper will have more opportunity to play. If we have a lot of short drives then it won't matter that much.

(on why there were no pictures on walls outside of the cafeteria this week) 

I think we went with the team picture as a reminder and so that everyone can see what it looks like up close and personal because that's one of the few times you can actually see what the team picture looks like. I think it was more about us, to focus on us. Let's not focus on anything else but what we need to do. The last two weeks we didn't win. We have two weeks left and let's not worry about anybody else. Let's not worry about whether teams have to win or lose. Don't worry about the Jaguars and the Texans, just worry about the Titans and what we need to do. We have to count on each other and look at the guy next to you. We have been in this a long time, it's a long season with training camp and everything. We need to finish the season and how are we going to finish what we started. We can constantly see ourselves all week rather than look at someone else.

(on if not having pictures had anything to do with just putting the Colts game behind you) 

Well I think that's part of it. I think to just put the last couple of weeks out of your mind. They were both disappointments and I think disappointment is disappointment. One you played better and one you played worse and in our minds we lost two games that we are disappointed in. I think we just wash that out and we have two left and a lot can happen in these next two weeks. Let's just win two, feel good about ourselves, and we have our last home game in front of our crowd and let's make them proud of what they see.

(on talking to the players about the distractions going on at home)

I think we have and we started talking about that when we hit November. Once you hit mid-November, we talked a lot then about Thanksgiving and Christmas and family and a lot going on with them in the football season like it is every year. We did then and I don't think that you have to keep mentioning it. The distraction now at this time of year is more about what is our possibilities, what is our situation, where are we at? There are many examples, I'm just going to go to Green Bay last year. They were in the same boat we are in right now. They needed two wins, they just lost two terrible games. Everyone thought they were finished and you get a headache trying to figure out all of the possibilities to get into the playoffs. They won their two games and they kept winning. It's more of, 'let's lock into that' and realize as bad as we felt last week, we will feel a heck of a lot better this week and the following week so that's what we are concentrating on. I think they have and I think we have had a good week. You stand here and say, 'you are expecting these guys to go out and play really well,' so we will see what happens.

(on Matt Hasselbeck practicing all week)

Well I think anytime you practice the whole week, and he has had weeks throughout the year where he didn't practice and do everything and last week being one of them, I think feels good. He has done everything and I thought last week he was healthy and I thought he was healthy throughout the game and he didn't have a setback from playing in the game. He did everything we have asked him to do. He is prepared, he is ready, he is excited, and this is why he is here. We are 7-7 and we need two wins so he needs to be a big part of that.

(on the event hosted by the Titans today at practice with kids in attendance)

I think we have 40 foster kids here. It changes up over the years but it's an opportunity for the kids to come out and see our facility. They had a little pizza earlier, got a tour of the building, come out and watch practice, get some autographs. They players raise money for it the last two or three weeks so the kids can go out and instead of us picking out what they should have, we give them a gift card and let them shop at different area malls where they can get what they want and what their needs are. I think it's good for everyone. You want the players to see that the money they donate is put to great use and these kids really appreciate it. It's been a good event every year. Tresa (Halbrooks) and Bob Hyde do a great job setting these things up and I think the players really appreciate it too. When you can see what you are doing and how happy you can make some kids who are very less fortunate than we all are, then it's a good thing.

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