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Coach Munchak's Saturday Training Camp Report



(opening statement)

Good first day for us. It's a solid day to get started. [It's] the first time we have really been on the field twice in the same day, so I think that was different even though the first practice is much lighter than the one we just had. I think we are lucky with the cloud cover at the end because some guys were starting to cramp a little bit from probably not doing some of these activities in a while. Again, good solid start for us and we obviously know we got a lot of work ahead but they are looking forward to it.

(on mixing up competition during plays being the best route)

Yeah, we think that's the best way to do it, for them to compete that way, to avoid a lot of things: avoid looking at the script beforehand, knowing what plays you are going to get, knowing who you are working with. That way coaches can make more of the decisions on what they want to see them doing, who they want to see them with. Like I mentioned, we will do that with the quarterback position.  We did it with the offensive line. We'll do it with some defensive positions throughout camp and try to find the right mixture as a group.

(on extra space  players coming on the field everyday not knowing what group they are playing with)

Correct. Even within the series, you may have a period that's a 16-play period we are having and one of the quarterbacks could start the first group on the first four and then, the second quarterback goes and then, when the first group comes back, the other quarterback again. I think it's just that. I think the good thing is we don't have to worry about the quarterbacks getting used to the centers. They already are, with all the guys that will possibly snap them the ball. So, I think we have a lot of familiarity that way. We feel this is kind of the best way to run practices right now rather than most of the other options.

(on expectations for the first day of practice)

You just look for the recall. First of all, yesterday was a conditioning day. It was a day we were able to run them a little bit more, work them a little bit. You just have to get a feel for where everyone's at, what kind of shape we are in when we come back. You try to ease into it somewhat when you are out here. You don't want to over do it. But like I said, we were out here this morning for a good solid workout and got some things done even though it was more of a walk-type practice. I think just seeing that, the recall from what the stuff we did a month ago with some of the adjustments, some of the motions, things like that. Just looking for that. Trying to avoid the sloppiness. We had one ball on the ground. I think one bad snap. Other than that, it was pretty solid. You didn't see guys fumbling the ball after they caught it. The backs holding onto it. All that was pretty solid, so you just look for those kind of things. You know the energy is going to be good because they are still excited the first couple of days. So, you still have a lot of energy. Guys aren't too sore yet and tired. So, that's the stuff we are looking for. So, I think it was good start for that reason. I thought [there were] very few mental errors. They were obvious. It's a good start.

(on how much quicker was today versus a year ago for the first practice)*

I think we did so much more. The scripts were so basic a year ago. We didn't have any motions or movement on both sides of the ball. We didn't have any adjustments going on. So today already he had check plays on both pass and run, shifts and motions. We are already doing them from day one. So those are the things you have to work on from day one if you want to be good at them. It seems like it should be easy to move people around but it's not, the timing of your motion is critical. With your quarterback you are used to seeing coverage changes when you shift people. Last year we couldn't work on that until later on in training camp.  

(on if he said anything to Jake Locker about his first pass being an interception)

No I think he is trying to make a play there. I look on the other side and say it is a great start for Michael Griffin. Looking at it that way, he made a big play, we signed him to big contract and we expect big plays and there you go. He made one. That is the beauty of being the head coach: you can jump sides. It was a positive and I think Jake was trying to help him out.

(on what stood out about Zach Brown)

I saw on tape how well he ran, I just didn't see it in person how well he runs for his body type and the ground he covers and the plays he makes, that other players with his size cannot make. A lot of times you are playing the weak side linebacker you are unblocked; if you can get to that strong side, you can cut down a run play to a two- yard gain instead of a big gain. I like how he picks things up. This is the rookies' opportunity when we get to next week putting pads on and seeing how they hold up with the grind of training camp and learning thing and get better every day. We are encouraged with everything we saw up to this point. We are eager to see how he handles these next 10 days.

(on his impression Zach Brown catching Chris Johnson on the sideline)

You underestimate the linebacker when they run down a running back, nobody expects a running back to get caught, but I'm sure he had a good angle on him, but that is what he has brought to the team. He can take away a big play from the offense and he can cover. That is the fit we saw in him and we will find out if that works when we go forward. That is how he will help this defense.

(on the first time the team will practice in full pads)

Monday, that is the first day we are allowed to.

(on whether there is a limitation on the number of full-pads practices during camp)

No. You can only have pads on once a day. Once we get to the fourth day, which will be Monday, we can have pads on once a day every day until we get to the regular season. We're going to have shoulder pads on every time; sometimes we'll be in shorts and shoulder pads. Sometimes we'll be in full gear, where we'll wear the pants and the thigh pads. So, we'll be doing a mixture of those throughout camp.

(on wearing shoulder pads every day)

Yes. Until we get to preseason, where you have a game before. For the most part, yeah, we'll have them on, because you are limited to wear them once a day, and we need to work. So definitely, we'll let them.

(on whether there are any differences between hiss second camp compared to his first camp with the Titans)

We're doing more. We're putting more on the players letting them make decisions in certain positions, whether it be the quarterback or up front or on the defensive side of the ball with checking to some different things. We're doing more of that. We'll put more on them to make some more adjustments than they have in the past. We'll be competing with periods. Going to Atlanta will change up a lot from last year. We'll go there and compete with a very good football team. I think that will be good for a lot of the players as a change up from last year. You're going to see a lot of the same type of work, just with a different emphasis as we go. Like I said earlier, we're just ahead in a lot of things we could be working on that are going to be helpful for us coming out of the box early in the season, playing well and showing a lot of different things that we're capable of doing.

(on whether there is an update on Kendall Wright)

No. Not that I know of.

(on whether he is frustrated with Kendall Wright's situation)

Yes it is. It always is. Like we said, you want everyone here. We know Kendall is going to be a big part of this offense. We feel he is from what we saw last month and we know at some point that he'll be here. You know, 'the sooner the better,' so we leave it at that and hope we see him real soon.

(on if he hoped with the new CBA that reaching an agreement with first-round picks wouldn't be this difficult)

As a head coach I was hoping we wouldn't see it anymore. It seemed like last year we had to deal with a player missing. This year we have someone that's hopefully going to be much shorter than the one last year. I think for the most part this is going away in the NFL. There's not near as many of these situations as there have been. But hopefully ours will be taken care of soon.

(on if any players surprised him with how they did on the conditioning test)

Overall, I was just impressed with them in general. A lot of guys pulled their shirts off their shoulders. They were proud of themselves too. I thought it was a good period of running and lifting. I think as a group…like we've said, I think this is about as good a group we've had as far as what kind of shape they're in—their speed, their strength, I think overall. That's why we feel we're excited about our competition in different spots. With D linemen, heck, those 16 guys looked pretty darn good lifting and running. So it will be fun to watch how this thing plays out.

(on if any guys need to keep their shirts on)

Yeah, there are some — especially some of those young guys. But you know how that goes.

(on if he knew Jon Cooper's retirement decision was coming)

Not really. He talked a little bit about coaching at Oklahoma, that he had some opportunities. We didn't get a chance to know him very well. He came in right at the end there. Obviously he called and let us know that that was his thinking. We wish him well.

(on if the Titans are okay numbers-wise on the offensive line)

Yeah, we have 14. Really 14 is a pretty good number. We're healthy now. Our concern back then was Eugene (Amano) and Leroy (Harris) weren't practicing as you guys know back in OTAs. We were a little nervous about our numbers there. If these guys wouldn't be healthy, what would we do—that kind of thing. So we were looking for some veterans that could help us get through camp. These guys are looking good, and they're both practicing. We feel good about it. So 14 is a good number, especially again when you're only practicing one-a-days. You're not out here over-repping guys like maybe you have in the past. I think we'll be okay assuming we stay healthy.

(on what was going on with Devin Aguilar)

Hamstring. He got that—just a slight one—so he missed today. He hurt it a little out here the first couple of days the rookies were here doing some things—just felt a little pull. Hopefully he'll be a guy that will miss maybe one more day and be out Monday.

(on why O.J. Murdock did not report)

He had some personal things come up. He called us, and we're hoping to see him tonight.

(on if there's a question on whether or not O.J. Murdock will be healthy)

We have to see him. Just like all the players, he's a guy that hadn't been practicing yet. So when he comes back he's a guy that needs a physical to see exactly where he's at.

(on if Nate Washington cramped up during practice)

Yeah, I think he cramped there. He came back in later on. Like I said these guys do a lot of running in this weather, and they're lucky it wasn't 110 like it was two, three weeks ago. We're blessed that the weather accommodated today. I think a couple guys at the end started running out of gas.

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