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Coach Munchak's Friday Practice Report


(on the health of Matt Hasselbeck)

He looked good. Matt (Hasselbeck) was able to do quite a bit so he looks good. He's like we hoped he would and I assume he will be able to play and start on Sunday. Like we said all week, if he has any setbacks from what he did today or tomorrow then we reevaluate, but we assume that he is on schedule to start on Sunday…He looked fine. He didn't have as many reps as he would normally have on a Wednesday or Thursday. He was able to do everything that he is going to have to do in the game. Obviously, it's not the heat of the battle out here and the tempo that will be going on on game day but I think he will be fine. Like I said, unless something comes up between now and then with what he did today than we would reevaluate but right now we are assuming that he is ready to go.

(on if he anticipates dressing quarterback Rusty Smith)

Probably, that's something that you consider even though Jake (Locker) is fine. He has been able to do everything the last three days but you just want to be careful just in case because of the fact that we got down to the two of them last game. 

(on his confidence with Jake Locker if Matt Hasselbeck can't play)

Yeah, he always gets a lot of reps during the week but probably a little more this week because he got more of the Thursday workload than he normally does. He's fine. He has prepared the same way every week he has been here. Some weeks he has got a lot of reps and some weeks he got half of the reps. He has done a great job. He is ready to play no matter what the situation is with Matt (Hasselbeck) and we are assuming that Matt will be OK.

(on the attitude of the team)

I think we are excited, we know what is in front of us. It's down to the division games, which I hope it would be I guess. The league did a good job scheduling it this way. We know the three teams that we are playing. We were 1-2 the last time around so we have to go 3-0 this time. I think there is excitement. There are a lot of good things going on, we know what's ahead of us and we control pretty much our opportunities. I think there is good concentration but I think they are having fun too.

(on Nate Washington's health)

It's the same thing, we will list him as questionable but this Friday he was able to do a lot more in practice. He pretty much did most of the practice and he looks good so I'm sure he will be fine on Sunday.

(on dressing three quarterbacks)

This is the first time that we are considering it because of the two of them. I think just like we have done at other positions, last week we had (Donnie) Avery up because we were worried about Nate (Washington) and we had (Jamie) Harper up when we were worried about the running back, so that's what we will look at on the roster. I think there is a good chance that we will think about three this week because of the fact that both of them got nicked last week.

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