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Coach Munchak's Friday Practice Report



(on if Jason McCourty has undergone the concussion tests)

I think he is still under evaluations. They are still evaluating him is the best way to say it.

(on the process of being cleared to play after a concussion)

I would think that we would know something soon. He has to get in with someone that is not one of our doctors, so that's what they are trying to get scheduled. As far as logistics and all of that, I don't know. All I know is that he is questionable…That is out of our hands. It's not something that you can look at and go 'yeah he looks pretty good,' because he can look good and feel good but he is not ready to go. 

(on if he has confidence that Nate Washington will be able to play)

I'm hoping, I know that he feels good about it and he feels that he has two more days to do it. You would love to see him do more today than he could have but he has been doing everything he can. You hope with something like that that at game time it's one of those things that you can tape it up with adrenaline he can help us in some way on Sunday.

(on if Nate Washington will be at 100 percent on Sunday if he plays)

Yeah, he wouldn't be. He would be like he was at the end of the game still where we think he can help us win and make plays, but there is no doubt that he will be handicapped somewhat.

(on Patrick Bailey's health)

It's going to depend on having that hamstring as late as Wednesday, it's going to be a game-time decision. He jogged a little bit today. It's not a bad one by any means, it's just a matter of how he is tomorrow and how much we can push him tomorrow to see really where he is at. He is in a tough spot because he is on special teams which are running. You are sprinting on those teams so we will have to wait and see how he feels on Sunday.

(on if having a chance to practice this week makes Chris Hawkins more prepared than he has ever been)

Definitely, there is no doubt that getting reps helps. He is a confident kid, he is very calm with this whole thing kind of like how (Colin) McCarthy is. Those guys are just, Akeem (Ayres), all of the rookies seem to have a nice demeanor where it's not too big for them. We all know what he is going against, a great quarterback and all of those things and he will be in there some, no doubt in some of the packages. We are going to need him to play well.

(on what physical activities Nate Washington has been able to do)

He ran but more on his own. He has been mentally into it, he has been taking the reps and he has been helpful to Marc (Mariani) and all of the other receivers so he is fully engaged but as far as practice tempo, no.

(on if Donnie Avery will need to be active on Sunday)

Probably so, yes, I think that's where you have to have someone up there just to help us. Marc Mariani has done a good job. We are confident in him and the other thing with him is that the quarterback is really good that he is going to be exactly where he is supposed to be, so you will probably see him get more reps. Like you said, that will get (Donnie) Avery up and going in case we need him.

(on the Saints' turnover differential at home versus on the road)

It's hard to look at. They have lost their three games on the road. I hope they have more of them, I hope we can create them. I hope our crowd can help us get that going in the game. When you beat a good team usually it's because you can get the ball off of them and we are going to need to do that for sure.    

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