Coach Mularkey's Tuesday Training Camp Transcript



(on if the Titans traded Dorial Green-Beckham because they did not think he would be able to give the team what it needed)

Well, again, it's a daily evaluation of everybody. Again, I've been very up front about anybody you've asked me about, how they're performing. Again, I'll say this, the inconsistency—that was there. We had many conversations about having back-to-back-to-back days. It wasn't like he wasn't trying, but it never clicked in.

(on if the team thought things would not click for Dorial Green-Beckham as fast as necessary)*

Well, we thought the situation we were in right now—we feel like our wide receiver group, especially with the guys we brought in here, we've got some depth there. We don't with the offensive line. That is a concern or was a concern, very similar to the linebacker situation last year where we were concerned about our two outside guys if something happens—very similar to that. We thought this was the best move for our football team. Everything we're doing is for our football team.

(on if this trade speaks to the confidence he has in the remaining wide receivers)

Yeah, I feel good about them. We've got a good group. You're talking about a Hall of Famer with Andre Johnson. Rishard (Matthews) has come in here and made plays. We need to get Kendall (Wright) back in the mix. We've missed him being able to play that slot. I feel good about where we are with them right now. Jon (Robinson) and I both felt like this was best for our team based on the situation we have with our offensive line, as well.

(on why he pulled the wide receivers aside during practice today)

Oh, it was about me sitting with the defense and how the defense reads their motions. Basically, it was about coaching. It had nothing to do about DGB (Dorial Green-Beckham) or anything. It was a coaching point. I had just left a meeting with all the defense talking about being able to read run or pass based on how they motion, how they use their body language, all those things. Before it got passed onto a different drill, I wanted to make sure before we got practice going.

(on his message to the team after trading Dorial Green-Beckham)*

I tell them every transaction we make. I keep them informed of everything we do. It wasn't any big deal. I told them about the trade and it was about a two-minute conversation that this is the NFL, this is another opportunity for somebody else in the wide receiver room to get some more reps, this gives us some depth at the offensive line position and kicked it right into special teams.

(on what he would say to fans that point to Dorial Green-Beckham's potential)

We didn't give up. We think this is a good opportunity for DGB (Dorial Green-Beckham) going there and competing. When you do that, it's not giving up on somebody, it's making a rational decision that you think is the best for your team. We need offensive line depth and we were very comfortable with our receiver position with some of the additions that we've made. I think it's good for both sides.

(on if Dorial Green-Beckham's mistakes in the first preseason game caused them to make the trade decision)

No, and again I want to make sure everybody knows that there's no hidden messages. We don't function that way. This was what was best for the team. I'm very upfront with these players. They know that, but Saturday night, it just so happens that we got notice on Josue (Matias) having season-ending surgery and we have lack of depth at tackle.

(on if he would put Dennis Kelly first in Josue Matias' position)*

I would because I've seen him there. He's a versatile guy. He can play both. He's big. Again, he played well this past Saturday, but very similar to—you know, the guys that we lost were guys that could play two positions. No different.

(on if Dennis Kelly is a better fit in this offense than in Philadelphia's system)

I felt good about it when we were discussing making this. I watched tape on him. I felt good about watching him play, his style. I thought he would fit with what we do.

(on if the Titans or Eagles initiated the trade)

I think, like Jon (Robinson) said, I think they are constantly talking about any possible moves. They're on the phone a lot. Again, how it went down—I think it was mutual. They were in a need and so were we.

(on how he wants the other receivers to respond)

I mean I hope they want to react like anybody that they just want to compete. They want a role here. That's what we want here. That's the type of players we're bringing in here. Hopefully our team sees that—that that's what we want.

Titans players take the field for Day 13 of training camp at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Gary Glenn)

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