Coach Mularkey's Tuesday Practice Transcript



* (on how players on the offensive line are reacting to the competition)*

They don't say a whole lot.  They're just going in there doing the best they can.  There's really nothing.  I don't see body language, I don't see chirping on the side, they're taking their opportunities, and doing the best they can.  There's really nothing different about the way they're approaching practice or anything.

(on what is left to see out of the offensive linemen)

The same as I've been saying -- really consistently playing at a high level every day in practice, game after game.  Consistency is really important.

(on whether he needs to decide the starting five offensive linemen by Monday)*

No.  I think what they recognize is we're still rotating bodies in there, and still working on (it.) It's not set.  I think they know that, just by the rotation.  It's been a constant rotation since we started team activities.

(on whether he will continue to rotate the players going into the season)

No, I don't foresee that.  I think, again, that was a really physical practice we had today, and I would like to go watch it on tape and see how they did.  This is going to be a good test this week, going on the road against another good defense.  I think there's time still to evaluate these guys, but it's getting close.  We have to make a decision.

(on how Chance Warmack is playing)

He's gotten better.  He's eliminated a lot of his mistakes.  He had a pre-snap penalty yesterday, and that's the first one he's had in about 10 days.  He has gotten better with everything.

(on if Chance Warmack is working well with Russ Grimm)

I think it's been a good fit for Russ (Grimm).  I think really (for) everybody, it's been a good fit with Russ (Grimm).  He knows how to coach each guy differently.  Everybody is a different person, how they respond to different techniques, and the way you talk to them.  I think he's very confident in his ability with Russ (Grimm).

(on where Jeremiah Poutasi is in the rotation)

Probably more behind Chance (Warmack).  That's where he's been working the most.  Again, I'll say this, and he knows this as well, he's been inconsistent in his play.  That's kind of what's held him back from being able to even go over to the left side and compete.  He's had a lot of reps, and he's got to play better for us to even consider him to compete for a starting role.

(on depth at the corner position)*

Not as bad as it was last year.  I will say that.  I feel better this year, this time, then when I took over in the middle of the season last year.  I feel like we have more depth.  We certainly have more bodies that have started games at corner than we did when I took over last year. I would like to get our starters (back).  We haven't had our starters together to play a game since I've been here.  I'd like to get that hopefully rolling this week or next week with Perrish (Cox), and he looks good out here running.

(on if it's important to have Perrish Cox and Kendall Wright play in one of the remaining preseason games)

Yeah.  They have to get some game experience.  I don't care what year they are.  They need to get some (playing time).  If it's the fourth game, it's the fourth game.  It's irrelevant.  They need to get some play time.

(on if teams recognize the lack of depth at corner)

Well, it's got a little bit to do with it.  They're starting outside.  If you watch the Carolina game, they came right out with the pass on (Antwon) Blake, and it didn't stop when they went down the field.  Until we show we can stop it, that's not going to stop.

(on if Jason McCourty sat out because of a minor injury in the game against Carolina)

Right, it's minor.  He should play, and he should play at a high level this game.

(on of Jason McCourty would have played if it had been during the regular season)

He would have played, yes.  We're trying to be smart.  I think if you look at our injury list compared to most times in camp at this time of camp -- right now, it's very slim, and very short.  We're going to try and keep it that way, and try to get out of this camp healthy.

(on if Antwon Blake can be trusted as a starting cornerback if needed)

Yeah, go back a game to San Diego. Boy, he made some good plays there. He is capable of doing some things. Again, he has shown that ability. He's shown it games in Pittsburgh when we watched games when we were looking at him in free agency. He is a fourth corner and that's what you're going to get when you play with those guys. There's going to be some plays, but if you look, he's made some plays out there, as well—I mean big plays.

(on what he has seen from Cody Riggs recently)

Cody (Riggs)—he's just steady. You don't see a lot of flashy things going on with Cody, but you don't see a lot of mistakes by him either. I think he's doing well in coverage. Again, there is another guy that's got special teams value that some of those other guys may not.

(on the ideal number of secondary players to keep on the roster)

I looked at it today. I'm kind of going through it. Again, when it all comes down to it, if you're not starting, do you have value on special teams? That's kind of what it's going to come down to. So I'm not going to set a number until I figure out who our special teams starters are.

(on if being steady is an equal advantage to having the "wow" factor" for a player like Cody Riggs)

It helps. I mean he's not doing anything to hurt himself, either. Like the receivers—I talk about trust all the time. There's a trust factor with Cody (Riggs), as well.

(on if he will keep the running back rotation of Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry the same)

Again, we're going to meet probably Thursday on that. I'm thinking we'll keep it the same.

Titans players take the field for Tuesday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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