Coach Mularkey's Friday Practice Transcript




(on the team's injuries)

67 (Quinton Spain) did not practice, he'll be listed as out. 82 (Delanie Walker), limited, listed as questionable. (Brynden) Trawick, 41, limited with a neck (injury), questionable. 87 (Eric Decker) was here, full, he did everything. Everyone else was all good.

(on if tight end Delanie Walker and wide receiver Eric Decker have the ability to play even if they don't get a full week's worth of practice)

Yeah, I'd say so. (Eric) Decker did more reps today, he was a full go, got all the reps that he was supposed to get. Delanie (Walker), I've seen him do it since I've been here. He's just reliable. I'd say I trust him highly.

(on how safety Johnathan Cyprien played in his first week back)

He played well, I thought he played well. It was good to have him back, he played a lot of snaps.

(on how difficult it is to jump back into the lineup after being sidelined with an injury for several weeks)

I think you get in there, couple snaps, you're right back to it. It's not that hard, it's like coming back and playing in your first game - it's just a couple of snaps and off you go.

(on if he watched any of the Thursday night game)

I watched a little bit of it.

(on if he has concerns about Thursday night games in regard to injuries)

I'm not a fan of them. I would vote no, but that's the way it is. We all play them and we've got to deal with it. It's tough being a former player, I know how hard it is on the body.

(on the difficulties that a Thursday night game, aside from injuries, presents)

Yeah, the planning, everybody's on the same time frame so we've done some work in the bye, we did a little work on it, I'm working on them today. It's about recovery, that's what my concern is. I'm a big recovery guy, I think you've got to take care of yourself and that's a big part of staying healthy.

(on how difficult it is to work on the Thursday night game weeks in advance)

Not too hard.

(on if game planning for a Thursday night game in advance takes away from planning for other opponents)

The plan's in, the plan is all in, it's in by the end of Wednesday night. No, it doesn't affect, I think some coaches it doesn't.

Titans Online looks back at the all-time series with the Cincinnati Bengals. (AP Photos)

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