Coach Fisher's Wednesday practice report




(On game planning for the Colts)

It's a very dangerous team. They are very well coached, they're explosive, they've won the division for years and missed on a couple passes. Jim Schwartz summed it up best. He said, "The balls are going deep and long but they're just an inch foul." It's a foul ball and if you straighten them out, they're home runs. They're just so close. This misconception that they're struggling is just a misconception. They're a good football team.

(On any different preparations being made for a Monday night game)

It's a game this weekend and it's business as usual throughout the week. We just changed the schedule a little bit, Thursday's a Wednesday, Friday's a Thursday and so on. Monday will be a long day but these guys are prepared and they know. The big thing is the vets that have been in these types of games before in this atmosphere need to do a good job of communicating to the younger players, that's all.

(On if he gets a sense of the buzz around town for the game)

Oh yeah, I mean, it's about time. It's been years since we've had a Monday night game and a home game. It's great for the fans and great for everybody. But we can't sit here and dwell on that right now. We have to get ready to play.

(On why they always play the Colts so tough)

I think our division knows each other very well. Houston has the game won and they couldn't put it away. Jacksonville has to put a drive together with 50 seconds left to kick a field goal to beat them. Things are dead even in the division. Everybody knows each other.

(On what it would mean to open up a four-game lead in the division)

You know, we're not at that point in the season yet, what we're trying to do is build wins. Those things become important once you have a few games left.

(On the assumption that Tennessee will run the ball all day and that this game is set up for them to do that)

Well, you talk about running the football. They are going to meet our backs on our side of the line of scrimmage. They do that and they do that frequently. We have to start this week off with that understanding and try to reduce the number of times that we're going to have running plays for no gain. They're very, very quick, they're all over the place and they make it tough. You watch Jacksonville, Fred Taylor gets shut down on the line of scrimmage and he bounces out, breaks four tackles and goes 40 yards. If he doesn't do that, they don't win the game. [There is] a lot of broken plays and things like that. But these guys are exceptionally quick and fast, not big, but exceptionally quick and fast and they all arrive at the ball at the same time.

(On if he thinks this year's Peyton Manning is not the same as year's past)

No, you don't see any evidence of any problems with his lower body. He's setting up, he's scrambling, runs for a first downs if need be. He's throwing with accuracy. They've played several games that they very well could have won so the record's misleading and I think the buzz out there is misleading. He always shows up big in big games like this so we'll get him at his best.

(On which colors the players will wear)

Oh yeah, we have a pretty good idea. You'll have to check with them, they made the decision for us this morning.