Coach Fisher's Wednesday practice report


(On the Bears)

This team is a lot like the team we just faced on Sunday. They're very, very talented, they're big, they're physical, they match up very, very well with the Packers. With that being said, we're going to have to play better than we did last week. It was obvious to us after looking at tape that we played two games in six days and so our focus is to heal up, rest up and get ready for the next opponent.

(On if he's concerned about the Titans run defense slipping)

No, not concerned at all. We just have to keep improving. We're playing different teams each week with different strengths and weaknesses and the good thing is we're finding ways to win games and we're adjusting and we'll have to continue with that.

(On Devin Hester)

He's very, very explosive, he's a step away from thus far probably having two or three returns for touchdowns. He's there, he's dangerous and you have to be very, very careful with what you do with the football.

(On various injuries)

Yeah, we rested Kyle [Vanden Bosch] today. A couple other guys, Kerry [Collins] backed down just a little bit. Keith [Bulluck] we held out today. So we'll be day-to-day with all of them.

(On Amon Gordon joining the practice squad)

Yes, Antonio Johnson was signed to the Indianapolis Colts' 53 [man roster] so we brought Amon in to fill his spot. So far, he looked pretty good. Looks like he'll do a good job for us.

(On choosing to let Antonio Johnson go)

Teams are allowed to sign players off practice squads and the only option for us was to bring him to the active roster and we don't have the need right now.

(On the cold, windy weather forecasted for Sunday in Chicago)

Yeah, we're familiar with the wind. You expect the weather to change once you go on the road and it does. We'll take all the Florida guys and we'll just leave them here at home and let them watch it here from LP Field and take the rest of the guys with us. (laughter)

(On Chris Johnson's continued improvement and if it's unusual to see a rookie still advancing in his first season)

Well, we're trying to do a little bit more with him each week. Keep in mind, he gets a lot of practice reps and he gets the experience on the practice field and it's carrying over into the games. He's making different catches and different runs and different cuts. He's a complete back. He can catch and accelerate and go and carry the football and he's also doing a good job protecting for us.

(On if Chris Johnson has avoided hitting the rookie wall because of his split carries with LenDale White)

I think we've got more than just him as far as rookies are concerned and they understand that the need and importance of taking care of themselves and they're doing a good job of that.

(On if Vince Young would be ready to go on Sunday if Kerry Collins got hurt)

Yeah, I'll give you an example today. Kerry was limited at practice and Vince took the whole period, took two whole periods and was just great, did a great job. He knows and understands the game plan, made all the right throws and did very well. We've got confidence in Vince that he can step in.

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