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Coach Fisher's Tuesday Training Camp Report


(on his plans for Stafon Johnson)

He's been estimated to be out anywhere from eight to 12 weeks. We'll wait. You're in a situation where if you go to 12 weeks with him and you carry him on your active roster, it counts against your roster. We don't have that luxury right now. So he'll go on major IR, we'll get him healthy and get him ready for next year.

(on if he believes Stafon Johnson will pass waivers)

He'll be around. Our intention is to keep him. That's why you make these kinds of decisions.

(on Jovan Haye's weight loss)

One would assume that quickness has improved, and it has. His explosion has improved. His endurance has improved. He played the run very well the other night, so it looks like it's paying off for him.

(on if the coaches recommended for Jovan Haye to lose weight)

We're OK with the additional weight up there to anchor, play the run, things like that. But he wanted to be able to push the pocket and get to the quarterback, so we're completely fine with it. We don't necessarily need a 293-pound guy in there when we're playing defense.

(on if Tye Hill has fallen behind after missing a couple weeks because of a hamstring injury)

Yeah, he's paid attention, and it's good to get him out there. He's still playing with caution. Right now, we just want to make sure that he gets it completely behind him because the numbers are down. He's getting some good work.

(on if he anticipates Tye Hill playing in Monday's preseason game)

Depends on how things go this week.

(on what he sees in Samkon Gado)

Well, he's experienced. He's carried the ball in the league before. He's stayed in shape, and he's a quick learner. We checked him out, and he's a nice young man and wanted the opportunity.

(on if he prefers to bring in experienced players, as opposed to relying on rookies)

Well, you prefer that. In a perfect world, you prefer a guy that's been in the training camp. We all pay attention around the league. People are looking for backs and signing backs. We decided to go with him because he's played before and knows what to expect.

(on Ryan Mouton sitting out of practice Tuesday)

Yeah, he's just a little tight from the ball game.

(on Justin Gage sitting out of practice Tuesday)

Yeah, he's ailing as well.

(on if Justin Gage will be out for a particular length of time)

I don't think it'll prevent him from playing the ball game.

(on Kenny Britt's apparent injury)

Yeah we had a full padded practice today and people are going to acquire knicks and bruises and bumps and things but we will be OK.

(on whether he likes to see scuffles at practice)

You don't want those things to carry over into the ball game and they don't.  Our guys understand that.

(on whether he likes the intensity of his players during the scuffle)

I like the intensity of the practice.  I like the purpose of the practice.  The intention of the practice was to get out there and not stay a full three hours like you would on Sunday in September but to get out there for about two hours and deal with the heat and get used to it because that's what we're going to play in.

(on whether moving the practice up helped to deal with the weather)

This has been scheduled for months.

(on whether moving the practice up helped the team prepare)

I was hoping it would be a little hotter.

(on what he would say to fans that feel like he has given up on Stafon Johnson)

We have not given up on Stafon Johnson.  It is the opposite of that.  We are going to put him on injured reserve for the year so that we can have him next year.  In order to do that during training camp, you have to release the player.  He is subject to waivers.  He can be claimed.  It is unlikely that someone would claim a player that just had major reconstructive surgery on his ankle, so he comes back to us.  Once he is cleared, he goes on injured reserve for the year.

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