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Coach Fisher's Tuesday Minicamp Report





(on how the team looked today)

I thought it was good. It is the first day that you get the whole group together and most of the work was done by the veterans. At some of the positions where we are light, we were able to step up some of the younger players, the rookies. Of course, we finished with the rookie period. I thought all in all it was pretty good.

(on Derrick Morgan not practicing)

Yeah. They came in Sunday and they worked out yesterday and he is just a little tight. It is a precautionary thing. We are just going to watch him. A significant injury right now could result in a huge setback, so we are just going to watch him. We have a couple of guys that kind of fall in that category.

(on whether Morgan will practice next week)

I would think so, yeah. He will be doing some stuff. Kenny Britt came in with something and it lingered last year throughout the OTAs. Based on our historical data, we are probably going to be overcautious here, but he is fine. He has been working out since he left. He will be fine.

(on the progress of Kenny Britt)

Kenny is much better. He put a good 10 days in and he is working actually. He is not there. He is not caught up yet, but at least he is in a position now where he can compete.

(on whether there was a heavier workload today)

Yeah, we did a lot more. We anticipated this. I think you have to be careful in the early OTAs keeping in mind where you are in the offseason and where they are physically. As the overall condition of the squad improves, you can do more and that is what we did today.

(on how the rookies did with the vets)

They were fine. Those that were getting the reps catch your eye. Stafon [Johnson] got plenty of reps today at the running back spot. He is moving around pretty well.

(on any excused absences today)

No, not to my knowledge.

(on Alterraun Verner and LeGarrette Blount not being able to attend because of the college semester rule)

There are a number of clubs that are dealing with that situation. What we do is send them home with the workload and you just have to trust that they are working. The conditioning thing they can get done and then we just get them caught up when they come back in June.

(on Gerald McRath being more vocal)

He has always been. He was calling things out last year the first day he walked on the field. He has always been that type of vocal player. He understands things. He is one of those guys that carries over into the game too. When he got to finish up for Keith [Bulluck] last year, he was out there making calls and doing the things. It is good that you have a talkative group of linebackers.

(on whether it is too early for him to be a leader)

You have to be careful not to confuse somebody's responsibility to communicate calls and just automatically assume that he is a leader. He is young and he is working hard and I think he has that capability. It is good to see him out there with a good understanding of the defense.

(on the progress Vince Young made last year and whether that translates to this year)

It has carried over to the offseason program. It is carrying over out here. What it amounted to was a consistent approach day after day after day, week after week and Sunday after Sunday to his job responsibilities. That was good to see.

(on getting updates on Keith Bulluck's status)

I'm discussing with the doctors and the medical staff.

(on his expectations for Jared Cook)

To be on the field, stay on the field, be productive and catch balls and block. It is time to step up. We jumped out because we knew he had potential. He reflects back on his first year as a little overwhelming like it is for young players. He is doing what he needs to do in the weight room and on the field, so we expect that to translate in production.

(on if he sees Cook benefitting with Bo Scaife and Ale Crumpler gone)

He got plenty of reps. He got plenty of reps last year at this time and throughout camp and he handled it. He can process and he has good football instincts. Because of the fact Bo is not here and Alge will not be returning, right now Craig [Stevens] and Jared are our tight ends. It is a good combination. It is a good group. It is a very talented group from the standpoint of you have Craig who has really improved his strength and his understanding of what we are doing. Cookie [Jared Cook] can get open as we all know. He has a much better feel for the line of scrimmage now.

(on whether he has had to repair Jason McCourty and Ryan Mouton's confidence after last season)

No. Those kinds of things happen to all rookie corners. It is the nature of the position. They are having a good offseason thus far. They know it is very competitive and there is a job open out there. They both understand the importance of it.

(on whether the wide receiver position is wide open too)

Their experience each year is growing. Paul Williams and Hawk [Lavelle Hawkins] both of those guys have improved. Dom [Dominique Edison] has improved significantly over last year. Of course, we do have experience with Justin [Gage], Nate [Washington]. I think Kenny [Britt] has a chance to be much better than he was last year. It is a good, solid group. The best three are going to play. Then you have to make decisions on who is going to make the 53 and who is going to be up on Sunday.

(on whom the best three receivers are in his mind)

Clearly Justin [Gage] and Nate [Washington] with the experience can make the plays. They have shown in and are reliable. Then the rest of the group is bunched up there. We will see what happens.

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