Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report





(on if he's made the decision on the starting quarterback)

Yes, I'm sure it's probably worked its way to each and every one of you. We've decided to go ahead and start Vince (Young) this week. As far as the future is concerned, I'm not one of those coaches who's going to have musical chairs at the quarterback position. He's going to be our starter. I felt like both quarterbacks had an extremely good week last week. Vince has been excited about the prospect, the potential of the opportunity. I've got two starting quarterbacks on this roster. One of them is 18-11 as a starter and the other is about 14-11, 14-12 as a starter. But the fact that we're 0-6 we're going to go ahead and make the change.

(on being in Kerry Collins' corner this season)

I'm still in Kerry Collins' corner because I don't believe that our record is a reflection of the quarterback play. It's a reflection of the team play. I'm still in his corner, but we've decided to go ahead and make this change.

(on the perception that it was not his decision)

No, it's our decision. I've discussed that several days ago, I think in person with you. It is our decision. We don't make decisions as individuals. We collectively make decisions.

(on what Vince Young can bring to the team)

Well, I think the whole entire team needs to improve. Timing wise, it's a good time. I'm hoping at the time where we are in the season the timing is good for Vince because I believe his teammates are refreshed, restored and ready to come out and play. Have some fun and not worry about making mistakes, just playing hard. I think timing wise this is a good opportunity.

(on the areas Vince Young has improved)

I think significantly in his understanding the defense, his understanding the offense. As I told Vince early this morning he realistically had a quarter and a half with Mike Heimerdinger, sorry, less than three quarters in that opener last year. That's really the only experience he's had with Mike in real-game situations. Mike's excited about the opportunity and Vince should be because Mike's track-record obviously speaks for itself as far as that's concerned.

(on how Kerry Collins and Vince Young took the news)

Well, how would you think that Kerry would have taken it? He wasn't happy. That's why Kerry's played this long in this league. Again, it's not Kerry's fault. I'm not using the quarterback position as a scapegoat for where we are. Kerry's not happy, but he's going to be supportive and he's going to be ready to play if need be.


(on how much better equipped Vince Young is to lead the team)


I believe he is. I believe he's got as good of a cast around him as we've had, provided that we play up to our capabilities. We haven't been able to do that. I also think he's prepared mentally. I think he has a much better understanding of what we're doing.

(on Vince Young starting versus Jacksonville, the same team he had his last start against)

We're all professionals and it's merely a coincidence it just so happens. I think it will be a great challenge for Vince. He's focused, he's excited.

(on if Vince Young has developed a thick skin)

I believe that his experience over time has helped him to deal with really anything that happens. I think he's handled this season in a backup role behind Kerry (Collins) very professionally. He's never come out and said anything that would be contradictory to the team and I think he's handled it well. We're going to find out. This is his opportunity and we're going to find out.

(on if it is important for Vince Young to know he is his guy)

He got it. Anybody that steps on the field, as you say is my guy, I'm in their corner. I hope that they do well and it's my job to help them do as best they can.

(on how much lift Vince Young can bring to the team)

A big play here or there, or pull it down and run for a first down. We all know what he's capable of doing. He's made a lot of big plays before, so that's what we're looking for.

(on why it is important to keep a quarterback in the lineup for more than one game)


I think that is common sense in athletics. If you get an opportunity to play you're going to be more productive and more efficient if you know that you're the guy rather than having to look over your shoulder all the time.

(on having Chris Johnson and Vince Young together on the field)


I'm hoping that C.J. (Chris Johnson), LenDale (White), the young receivers, the tight ends and the rest of the veteran crew on offense will help step up. Vince is our quarterback but I'm not going to throw it 60 times this week. We have to play a prudent, efficient, effective, attacking style offense to have a chance to score points against a good defensive club.

(on Vince Young being the starting quarterback for the remainder of the season no matter what)

Yeah, well there's potential injuries and things I can't predict but we gave it to Kerry (Collins) last year and said, 'Kerry, have at it.' That's what we've done with Vince.

(on if the offense will change with Vince Young)

There are some specific things that I'm not going to go into from a competitive standpoint, but there's some different things. We'll account for that through our play selection and the different things we ask him to do that they'll be able to adjust.

(on Cortland Finnegan and Javon Ringer)

He was first time back a practice. We got some good news on Javon. He obviously didn't practice today, but he's going to be okay. We were really concerned about it. We feared the worst and we got good results.

(on Javon Ringer's injury being hip or lower back)

It was a combination of both. We're very lucky for him.

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