Coach Fisher's Thursday practice report




(On Kyle Vanden Bosch missing practice and how it will affect him)

Yes, Kyle did not practice. Nor did Colin Allred or Justin McCareins. He's in great shape, he's doing a lot of work inside. We'll try to get him on the practice field before the week's over. If Kyle's able to play, he'll be fine.

(On how much attention he pays to the shuffling along the Colts offensive line)

Each and every one of their offensive linemen is so well coached. They just plug them in and don't miss a beat. Really, it doesn't matter who's in. They're so well coached and Peyton [Manning] controls everything on the line of scrimmage.

(On how valuable Nick Harper, David Thornton and Jake Scott have been)

Well, we've gotten three starters, three very solid starters. Obviously, we took advantage of a little cap room and maybe a little less room that they had. We knew them very well having played against them twice a year. They've been tremendous as far as production and the attitude in the locker room and their professional approach to this game. We're very fortunate to have them.

(On if it's an added benefit that they were all former Colts)

I think this game may mean a little bit more to them then other games but they're all pros and know how to prepare. As far as them coming in here and helping us with the offense and the defense and all that, I think all that's overrated.

(On if he gave any thought this week to having a night practice)

No. We try to follow a normal schedule. We'll have an evening walkthrough Sunday night at LP [Field] but that will be it.

(On the relationship between Chris Johnson and LenDale White)

Yeah, they root each other on and they practice hard together. They kind of tap each other out. What's good about that is we're going to end up down the road with two fresh backs because we're trying to balance out the reps.

(On if Chris Johnson's success provides any incentive for LenDale White to work harder)

No, not at all. He's been working hard. I think it has to do with just the number of carries and the fact that they're both fresh.

(On if the Titans can throw out the 3-3 record because the team they're playing is still the Colts)

You know, we threw it out there a long time ago. They're the team to beat. They've been division champs. I might throw out they've won the last seven straight Monday night games, three on the road at Tampa, New England and Jacksonville. That's enough to get your attention.