Coach Fisher's Thursday practice report




(On Thomas Jones' improved running)

Yeah, you can look at his stats right now. It's really a good one-two punch there and they're running the football. I think that's the big difference in this team at this point this year is the way they run the football. And then of course, we all know how they can throw it. He's running really well and making big plays for them and then the other back is running pretty well, too. He has great speed and is a really good receiver.

(On Thomas Jones as a threat in the passing game)

Yeah, he is and they use him and they use him in a lot of different ways. They try to create the matchups and mismatches on various defenders. They're very good at screens, too. That's one of the things they execute very well.

(On Leon Washington as one of the more dangerous return men)

Yeah, he is. He's a lot like [Devin] Hester where if he gets the ball in his hands, he can go the distance. He's explosive with great quickness yet he still has acceleration speed. You can see that in the kickoff return against the Patriots.

(On what Alan Faneca has done to solidify the offensive line)

Well, they have experience on the line now. [Nick] Mangold in particular is playing very well. But Alan, I mean, he's an experienced guy. He's seen everything and so they're communicating. You can tell they communicate very well. They don't make any mistakes up front. 

(On how Albert Haynesworth is playing now compared to this time last year)

Well, he's clearly ahead of where he's ever been right now. He's playing more plays, he's very disruptive, he's putting great pressure on the passer.

(On how much more room Haynesworth has to improve)

Well, you know there's a school of thought that at this time of the year you start to see offensive linemen start to wear down. It's tough to play and sustain the 16-game season. As long as he stays healthy and that factor's true, then he should become more productive.

(On the challenges of facing a 3-4 defense)

Well, the run game is different. You're blocking a four-man line [in a 4-3] now you're blocking a three-man line with a linebacker. The scheme itself changes and then of course your protecting then becomes an issue. You have to be able to identify different backers and everybody has to be on the same page because from a protection standpoint if the line's got five, you have a couple others to concern yourself with.

(On if the Jets have been blitzing extra people this year)

They do. They do but they create mismatches. That's what they do and then when they just send a couple backers, depending on which ones, they can create problems for you because you're not used to seeing it. The mismatches occur when you've got the linebacker on the running back.

(On how the defense plans to attack a quarterback like Brett Favre who has seen everything)

Well, I mean you just have to play smart, sound football. You're not going to fool him. You have to relate it in your zones, you have to be very technique-sound in your man-to-man coverage and you have to get pressure on him.