Coach Fisher's Conference Call to Miami Reporters





(On if there was an indication in the locker room at 0-6 that the team would be this resilient) –"We felt like we were a good football team to start the season, and the first three games of the season could have gone another direction for us. We could have very well won those games, they were all close ballgames. Those are games that you need to make a play here and there, and you might be 2-1, or 3-0. We had that next stretch where we didn't play well at Jacksonville, and played well for half of Indi[anapolis], and then [it] kind of crumbled on us against the Patriots. At that time, the bye week came at a good time, timing was good. We were staring to heal up, felt like we'd get our corner and our nickel back back, and we did so. We worked on some things during the first part of the bye week, and then cut them lose for four or five days, told them to get as far away from it as they possibly could. When we came back, we agreed that we'd start the season over, and that's what we did. Fortunately, we got that first win against Jacksonville, and we put a few together. It's been a solid locker room. They endured tough times, they hung with it, we just kept trying to improve as a football team, and not get caught up in what everybody else is thinking or saying or caught up in the record, just play hard and have fun."

(On how much Vince Young's success has energized the team) –"I think Vince's return from a timing standpoint was good. When we turned it over to Vince, we were healthy on offense, and CJ [Chris Johnson] was making a run, the young receiver was coming on. Vince at that time, the second time around, realized it wasn't all up to him, he plays his position, they'll play theirs, and everybody will participate and do the best they can."

(On where Chris Johnson ranks among running backs right now) –"It's unfair to compare him to anybody else because their running styles are all so different. I think some of the things that he's accomplished thus far this season, or thus far in his early career, are outstanding and we'll just see where it goes. One of the most impressive stats, it was brought to my attention a few weeks ago, I think CJ had three touchdown runs over 85 yards in 11 games, and no player in NFL history had three [runs] over 85 in his career. I just think that shows you the breakaway speed that he has and the talent that he has. He's a great young man, loves to play, team guy, and just has fun. He's very, very talented."

(On if the offense is any different now than when Young was the starting quarterback last season) –"There's no difference. I think the difference is now Vince is in his second year with coach [Mike] Heimerdinger, and that's a significant difference. I think early on last year, his focus was on the offense and what we're trying to do, and now he has a real good understanding and he can shift his focus to the opponent, the defense. You see parallels between Vince's development in connection with Mike, as we did with Steve [McNair]. Steve really got going in his second year with Mike, and his third year was a co-MVP with Mike. I think Vince is trusting those things, he's having fun, paying attention, doing the best he can."

(On what concerns him about the Dolphins) –"I'm just very, very impressed, we've had a few common opponents, but they were weeks, and weeks ago, so I really haven't had a chance to sit down as a staff to study them. They're very, very deep, physical, strong, well-coached. Up front on both sides of the ball, they're physically dominating. Their statistics are what you want to have for your own team; the third down efficiency on offense and defense, the time of possession, first down run attempts. They're just very, very solid. They keep the ball, they pound you, they wear you out. They're well coached, they're a very disciplined team."

(On if Chad Henne looks like a first year starter) –"No, no, he doesn't. he looks like he's a guy that's been hand-picked for that offense. He keeps drives alive, he makes throws, he's not making mistakes, he's changing things on the line of scrimmage. He found an offense that's perfect for him, run offense that forces the defense to load the line of scrimmage, and then when he needs, to, he takes advantage down the field. This guy can make all the throws, and is very, very good on third down."

(On if he is surprised at the success of Dolphins DE Randy Starks) – "No, we drafted Randy high because we thought he was going to be that kind of player. I am happy for Randy. He is playing very well. He is playing consistent, finishing plays, chasing down field and dominating the line of scrimmage. Doing a great job with his hands and his feet, it is good to see it. Sometimes players need a fresh start. Randy was young when he was here, battled injuries, some other things and I am just happy for him. We drafted him because we thought he had that potential, it is great that he is realizing that potential."

(On the reason, beyond his speed, for Chris Johnson big play ability) – "He has great vision. His speed allows him to use the cutback, angles are flattened out because of his great speed on the edge, then he uses the cutback, he uses his blocks well. He will hit it inside. I don't think people realize that a guy of his stature can be as productive as an inside runner, but he hits the hole so quick. He does a great job of protecting the football and taking a hit. He just kind of gets ping-ponged around, jumps up with a smile on his face and comes back to the huddle."

(On how good he thinks he can be potentially) – "I think thus far, early in his career, he has done incredible things with the numbers. There is no telling what would have happened with our football team had he not been knocked out of – been able to finish- the playoff game. He had well over 100 all purpose yards are the beginning of the second- quarter. Then we lost. It is hard to say, he is a talented young man who can catch and run and so far has been very very durable. I think it's still too early in his career to make those predictions."

(On the Dolphins rookie cornerbacks, Vontae Davis and Sean Smith) – "We did our work during the draft, very impressed with both of them. Now I think they have done a nice job. There are a number of corners in the league that have stepped in – a number of teams that have been forced to play young corners. The Dolphins weren't forced to play them, they did it by design. They developed them well and I think they fit nicely into their defense. They are both very good cover corners and they can match up and run, both have very good ball skills."

(On if the Dolphins have used a different defensive line scheme since the loss of Jason Ferguson)– "Well, they are going to do different things at different times systematically for different situations. They are predominately a three-down line with two very talented outside linebackers – four rather – but two on the edge and then they will be down. They will line up play with four down and change things up so they are very productive and very disruptive."

(On how difficult it is to prepare for the Dolphins with the different schemes they use on offense and defense)– "That the key is for anytime you play a team that is outside of your division, an uncommon opponent, you have to familiarize yourself with them. It is going to be up to our players to be able to determine that. I think we have a good plan, I think we have been able to adjust to this type of defense that involves multiplicity. It is a matter of how well our players adjust between now and kickoff."

(On if the playoffs are still a possibility for the Titans) – "Nobody has told us we are eliminated yet, so we are going to keep fighting. We are having fun, we hiccupped in Indianapolis a few weeks ago, but other that that we have been having fun, playing well. We have a philosophy to have a great deal of respect for each opponent and do the best we can. Everyone got issues, playoff hopes and aspirations and our focus is just on this game."

(On if this has been the toughest season to date for him as the Titans head coach) – "I think we had high expectations coming in. I thought the off-season program was very productive, the training camp was good and no one would have anticipated this. All those people who jumped on the wagon jumped off early and that is fine. I think what we were able to after the start and the turnaround speaks volumes for our locker room, the players we have. We have a chance to end a season that started out very difficult with a winning record. I think all the credit goes to the players."

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