Coach Fisher's Bye Week Report




(on the Titans potentially placing a waiver claim on Randy Moss)

We've never discussed personnel moves and our interest at any level, and that's all I'm going to say.  It is highly unlikely that any other coach or organization that has interest is going to discuss that as well.

(on if he gets the sense that Randy Moss will still be available when the Titans waiver wire priority would be up)

I'm dealing with this football team right now, and the teams that are not in the bye week are getting ready for the ballgame.  The process will take care of itself and everyone will know probably around 4:00 eastern.

(on what he hopes to accomplish during the bye week)

This is as good of a first-day, bye-week practice as we've had in years.  We got a lot of solid work done today.  We worked on some specific things with the starters, and we got a lot of young players involved today.  It was really good, great tempo and I hope to get the same thing accomplished tomorrow.

(on the status of injured players Vince Young and Kenny Britt)

They're both getting better.  Kenny is not going to play against Miami, that's all I know right now.  I think Vince has a chance to be on the practice field next week.

(on if the Titans are a tired football team)

It didn't look like it today.  They were running around.  They know the importance of getting the work done, getting the quality of work done, and the thing that's going on here is everybody has a different situation.  Some guys are working, some guys aren't, and everyone is concerned with themselves right now—which you need to be.  You need to get prepared for the long haul.  We're going to rest up this weekend and come back recharged.

(on if he gives players the option on whether or not they need to practice)

No options, it's our decision.  For example we've got some guys that are banged up a little bit, we're not going to ask them to get to full speed—we gave them the day off.  We had a lot of young guys out there, who for the first time in a long time got to go out there and participate.

(on how David Thornton looked today in his first practice since being activated from the PUP)

David looked fine.  He was making plays.  He looked fine.

(on how he feels about being 5-3 at the season's halfway point)

I'm disappointed in a couple of the losses—all of the losses for that matter.  We're doing some good things, there are some signs, some good signs there; the scoring, the scoring differential, the turnovers, the takeaways, the sacks, those kinds of things.  We just need to fine tune some things and the staff has been working hard, addressing some things we need to tweak ever so slightly.

(on if the fact that they've had leads in some of the losses means the Titans needs to learn how to finish)

They're different, those games are different, the losses were all different.  The effort was there, the opportunity to win the games was there, we just didn't win it.

(on if the special teams units are where he expected them to be)

It is, we can still get better, but what happened when we acquired Tim (Shaw) and Patrick (Bailey) that really helped us from a coverage standpoint and a return standpoint.  At that point in the season we didn't have to insert young players that had not done it before.  We became a veteran group and then Marc (Mariani) and Damian (Williams) have solved the return issues that we had last year.  We can still get better, we blocked a punt, we're doing some good things, we're kicking and punting well, and covering well but there is always room for improvement.

(on how they intend to improve their running game)

It's just continuing to work on it.  I think the passing downfield the last couple weeks will help, but every week is a challenge.  Every week we see a different defense and we have to adjust.  He (Chris Johnson) is still second in the league in rushing so a lot of people would probably like to trade places with us.

(on the difference in the atmosphere within the organization from last year to this year at the bye week)

Yeah, there is a world of difference from last year to this year, but what is important is what you do after.  We got into it, here we are, we can't change what has happened—in either case—it's how we respond and come back.

(on if he prefers that guys stay in Nashville during their days off on the bye week as opposed to traveling)

No I'm fine with them (traveling), we've discussed it and as matter of fact I gave them their schedule weeks ago so they can make their plans, so we wouldn't have that distraction and they could look forward to doing something—they're responsible enough.  If someone wants to go home, that's fine, that's their choice.

(on if he wants them to clear their heads of football or stay focused on football during their break)

We take care of our bodies; we're going to do our football stuff through tomorrow afternoon and then they need to clear their head of it.  They don't need to pick up a playbook.  They need to get away and do whatever is best for them, as long as they take care of themselves.

(on if he gets to clear his head during the players break during the bye week or if it's still 24/7)

No it's 365, not 24/7.

(on if Vince Young is staying in Nashville to rehab his injuries)

There will be players who will stay behind for rehab, and some that we will let go for a couple days if we don't feel they will benefit from being around.

(on if rest and recovery is the main focus for the bye week, what is the second focus)

Well it is football, making the adjustments, understanding where we need to improve.  We've made some of those areas very specific and clear to them.  For example, the rooks, they've played 12 games, their bodies are now telling them their season is over—we're just getting started.  So everybody has some different issues to deal with, but we have to come back together on Tuesday afternoon and get ready.

(on how he sees the closely separated AFC South playing out over the second half of the season)

I can't predict.  We're going to focus on Miami.  We can control a lot of the outcome in the second part of the season because we've got five division games in the last eight.

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