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Christmas Day Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Merry Christmas.

That was a heck of a present for Titans fans on Thursday night, huh?

What a comeback … and what a win.

Let's dive in and discuss the team's 20-17 victory over the 49ers as we head into Christmas weekend.

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Sean Kelley from Tampa, Florida
Hi Jim. Good win! I don't know why Titan fans or NFL fans expect anything different from this franchise.
Thursday night's game is how this franchise has won since 1997. Ugly. Nobody wins games like Tennessee. (or loses games).
I feel more uneasy watching a Titan game with a 24-point lead half time lead, than being down by 10 and reeling. That is our comfort zone. That's why the # 1 seed does not matter. The team can't have nice things. They are much better playing the disrespect "you have no chance to win card" Sure I want to scream after watching NFL Networks 24 Hour 49er pregame coverage on Thursday. I believe this is our 6th straight winning season, with 4 (hope 5) playoff appearances and 3 playoff wins. Titan fans have it a lot better than they realize. Merry Christmas! Sean.

Jim: Merry Christmas, Sean!

Michael Newsome from Drexel, North Carolina
Hey Jim. I have dragged this offense through mud through 2 weeks and you even told me to do better last week when I called them out when Julio and AJ for not finishing games. They weren't on the field for the 4th quarter for a few weeks & neither had finished a game since Nov 7th (@Rams). Well, I'm here to acknowledge and celebrate them when they're there to secure the win! What a complete game by the entire game! And people will say "But Julio didn't have a catch". Well, it doesn't matter if he has 0 catches or 10 catches, he draws DBs from the defense. Him drawing DBs and the run game drawing LBs is the difference of AJ Brown being doubled-teamed with 2 DBs or a DB and a LB, and that's the difference between a 1st down and a TD. If we can carry this team to the post-season and get Henry back, then I take our offense against any team. Period. Hoping to see this EXACT team for the next 2 weeks.

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Michael! And, by the way, Julio had one catch for seven yards

Henry Martin from Kingsville, Texas
Jim. Good evening. Just got done watching the game and this win just put a smile on my face after the week I just had. My mother (Sheila Cuffee) passed away on Dec 17th, it was her birthday (65th). I did not get to wish her a Happy Birthday or witness her final moments. Now, she was not a "Titans Fan" like myself. She was a "Ravens" fan. But anyways, just thought I write you to let you know that I support two teams now. Obviously, the Titans and I am going to support the Ravens too for my mother! #TITANUP #GOTITANS #GORAVENS

Jim: Hi Henry. I'm really sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. Glad to hear the Titans helped lift your spirits during a tough week. I can't give you a "Go Ravens!' here, but I will say, may your dear mother rest in peace.

Will Anderson at Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Hey Jim. I hope you and your family have/had a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. My question, do you sense any frustration from Julio at all? Whether it be not getting the ball much (could be play-calls or just not being seen/open during the play) or even with the nagging injuries he's had to deal with this season. Thanks again, Jim! Titans Country appreciates all you do!

Jim: Hey Will. I'm sure this season hasn't gone as Julio might've hoped from a production standpoint, so sure, he's probably dealing with some frustration. He's always been one of his team's best players, and with the Titans, he's just been a small piece of the puzzle so far. But hey, he's on a team that's 10-5 so not all is bad.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Jim, I admit that I'm surprised about the Titans win. After the first quarter I believed they were going to lose. After the 2nd quarter I was sure they would lose. But they came back and prevailed in the 2nd half. It was AJ Brown. During the 1st quarter he and Tannehill were probably a bit unsure of Brown but then Brown got his football legs under him and WOW! They did it. And they looked pretty good doing it too. And Ryan Tannehill proved tonight that I've been right all along as I've been saying that his poor stats have been the result of having backup receivers and PS receivers. I mean no disrespect to those backup receivers and PS receivers but they really aren't supposed to be the WR1, WR2, and WR3. They're supposed to spell the top receivers so the top receivers can catch their breath and stuff like that. Backup receivers and PS receivers are not supposed to be playing WR full-time. Now, hopefully everyone will get off Ryan Tannehill's back. Oh and we need the O-line to give better run-blocking and pass-protection. 4 sacks is too many plus Ryan Tannehill was under a lot of pressure during the 2nd half, although the O-line was playing satisfactorily for the first half.

Jim: It was a gut-check win for sure, Jimmy Dee.

James Kaufman from York, Pennsylvania
Merry Christmas Jim. I've been looking at the questions coming in and I'm in agreement with a lot of the disappointment. I understand not having guys due to injury but even when AJ Brown has been healthy he's dropping balls constantly. Julio needs released at the end of the year as well. Do you feel we made the wrong choice at Head Coach? It's very hard watching Matt LaFleur flourish in Green Bay while history keeps repeating itself in Nashville. DK Metcalf was available for us to take and he's been far better than AJ Brown. I also feel that if our team can't play without Derrick Henry and win we need to draft waaay better.

Jim: Hey James. Based on the time stamp, looks like this one popped in my inbox around halftime on Thursday night… Want a redo?

Doug Goldstein from Las Vegas, Nevada
Hi Jim. Never thought I would be sending you a comment DURING a game, but here I am at halftime....... What the heck is going on with the OC? Is he at the game or on covid reserve? Is the waterboy calling the plays? This is literally the worst offensively called NFL games I have ever witnessed so far. Hopefully he arrives at the stadium to call the second half.........Eeesh

Jim: Hey Doug. As Coach Mac likes to say, keep your powder dry next time. … I've noticed a lot of Todd Downing bashing of late. Keep in mind this guy has been coaching without some of the team's top weapons of late. He called a hell of a game in the second half for a team that's now at 10 wins.

Lawrence Hughes from Castalian Springs, Tennessee

Jim: The Titans sure did. Based on my Twitter feed a good part of the night, and some of the emails I received during the game, some apparently didn't. Hey, I get it. The Titans looked awful on offense in the first half. The second half was a different story, of course.

Henry Britt from Columbia, Tennessee
Is there a chance Derrick Henry won't come back? I know he can return by playoffs, but I would hate for him to get potentially hurt. Should they rest him for the whole playoffs and have him healthy for next season?
The Titans have done decently well without him. I could see us getting deep into the playoffs without him. I'm not saying he won't help, but since he may be a little rusty, should they sit him?

Jim: Hey Henry. The Titans wouldn't let Derrick come back unless he's healthy. If he's able to get himself in position to provide a playoff boost, heck, I'd sure like to see him in back in uniform and on the field … Stay tuned.

Elden Neemia from Honolulu, Hawaii
Maybe you don't wanna post this but suggest this to offensive coach (which am critical about the play calls but maybe not the play call is the problem. Something that he may not be aware of what he was doing on the sideline that kind remind me of last week Rams vs Arizona at Arizona. I notice rams coach changed the way he looks at his play sheet a bid differently lately. He no longer stick out the sheet like he did in previous game but angled it down when his looking at it as if he suspect there someone might be spying on him from the stands with high zoom power camera just to get a snap shot of his sheet or something. I notice titans offensive play caller don't do the same. Thats just what stood out to me even in the middle of my frustration this past Sunday. I don't know why but I suppose paying attention to detail got me paying attention to details as a fan lol

Jim: Hey Elden. Good looking out. I'll let Todd know… 😊

Casey Flynn from Burbank, California
Hey, Jim! Love your work. You're the best beat guy in the NFL. I would know; been a fan since '99. Can you settle the score, Jim — what's the best "britches" combination? The best uniform combo that is.

Jim: Appreciate it, Casey. I'm going with the combo you just saw – all navy blue.

Patrick Spray from Covington, Tennessee
Hey Jim. As always thanks for all you do and the content. I have a question concerning the mailbag. Regardless of situation (who's healthy, who the titans play, what game it is) win and the response to the mailbag is Super Bowl here we come. Drop a single game, because after EVERY loss, we go into tank the season and fire the players/coaches. Geeze folks, calm down and support the team. Titan up regardless last week. Vrabel and the players have my confidence.

Jim: The mood definitely seems to go up and go like a yo-yo, Patrick. It's quarter by quarter on social media. Merry Christmas!

Bradley Wolfe from Aberdeen, South Dakota
Hey Jim, hope you are well. Can you break down the standings? I know we have a one-game lead in the division, but is it really two games due to the tiebreakers? This team has a ton of talent we just need to execute. How do you compare this team to the previous few Titans teams?

Jim: Hey Bradley. It's pretty clear-cut now. The Titans, at 10-5, now have a magic number of 1 to win the AFC South. So if the Colts lose to the Cardinals on Christmas night, or just one of their final three games, or the Titans win against either the Dolphins or Texans, the Titans would win back-to-back division titles or the first time in the Titans era. … Time will tell what kind of mark this team leaves in history.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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