CB Xavier Rhodes


(on being a competitor bringing momentum on defense)

I just think that's the poise of being a great player. I mean, so many different situations we will be in a game where you will be so antsy, but great players know how to put themselves in that moment and make the necessary adjustments, have the necessary body control to make plays like that, first of all. If you don't make plays, be able to avoid that. It is something I work on and something I should be better at.

(on the defense being true to itself by getting to the ball)

I think it is happening in long spurts, and we will have quick breaks where we get out of character, and I think that is where we are just not being consistent. Where we have to continue to practice, continue to work on our habits, and like you said, continue to hold ourselves to the standard we have held ourselves to for some many years.

(on how special running back Nyheim Hines is)

21 is a fantastic player. We laughed because I've competed against him three years in college, so I knew exactly what he was when we were in college, and now in the league to be able to get better with him every single day. Obviously, he is a special talent both running and receiving the ball. He is a unique threat and I don't know if there is anyone like him in the league. Thankful he is on our team and I ain't chasing him around in some other stadium.