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CB Sean Murphy-Bunting


Congrats on the win. How good did it feel to get the defensive stop at the end?  I mean, all the stops, all day.

Yeah. I mean, it felt great. Just being able to fly around one last time with those guys, meant the world, honestly. Obviously, there was mistakes. There was really good plays, there's bad plays. But, I mean, you've got to enjoy it all, when you just have the opportunity to go out there.

Any extra feelings at all, denying Jacksonville of winning this division on your home field?

You want to know the truth? Absolutely. They got to meet me in Cancun. So, I mean pay back. I guess that's what you call it, right? They got us out last year. So, it was only right that we return the favor. 

What does it say about the character of this team, everybody was saying, 'nothing to play for,' but you guys fought your ass off today?

Yeah. It's just resilience.  Like you said, everybody just fought, man. We fight for each other, and we just play for each other all the time, and it shows. We show up every day. Every day of work is fun, you know? And that's not common, especially in this league, when you're not getting wins. So yeah, man I just enjoyed the moment. 

On your pick, were you surprised (Trevor) Lawrence threw that ball? What happened on that play?

It reminded me of the one from Baltimore. It was just airmailing it. I'm a ball guy. So, I just always look at the ball, and God gave me one.

Walking in here to the locker room, it's so joyful right after the game. What does this atmosphere mean to you?

I was really, I was pretty emotional when I came back in because it's not every day you get an opportunity to show up and be around people that you just enjoy. So, before I get emotional again, I'm just going to say that. So, I don't get clobbered on the internet.

Lot of hugs and handshakes. Obviously, we know that rosters change year-to-year in the NFL. A lot of these guys that are here now, won't be here next year. How much is that go into the emotion you were talking about?

I mean I'm one of those guys. So, it's inevitable. You don't really know what your future holds. When I got drafted, I knew at least I could potentially have four years with the same team. Then coming here, on a one-year deal, you really try to come and make a name for yourself, try to reestablish your identity, and then you end up running into a family.

What was the message Vrabel had for you after the game?

I was just hyped; ­I'm not going to lie. I don't even remember what he said because I was in my own head just thinking because it's over. You guys' kind of got me today. 

One of those guys that may not be here next year, obviously, is Derrick Henry. You played with him for one year. He's meant a lot to this city and to this organization. The way he played today, what does that say about him?

Oh, man it says he's the king. It says a lot about him. He just, every day, he puts in work that you guys don't even see. But I see it every day, in the training room, in the weight room. To see those things that I started to pick up on, because I see how much it benefits him. And he shows up every day with such humility, because his accolades speak for themselves.  He shows up every day, like he has so much to work for.  And you can have nothing but respect for that.

Is it more a sense of relief, getting this win and going out of the season with a W, with everything you guys went through this season?

Yeah. You always want to go out on top. Definitely a relief, because we got a win in the division. You just want to go out on top, with a win and everybody smiling and happy.

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