CB Roger McCreary


How frustrating is to give up a lead and not be able to stop them?

I wouldn't say the defense played the best the first of the game. I would say we just had to be us, and just play defense. Get off the field on third downs. I felt like we did that, part of game. That last drive, I feel like it's all on me. Just say it's my fault, on that last drive. I say, we've just got to get better going into the game and fix mistakes and stuff.

Getting one turnover ultimately wasn't enough, was it?

I would say the turnover they got was good momentum. Their defense was on the sideline and their team was getting pumped up and everything. It was good for everybody, their energy on the sideline. But we just didn't get the turnovers today.

What happened, when you're up 14-10 and you didn't get any points off that turnover, and they were kind of able to reassert themselves?

No, it wasn't that. I'd say when we didn't get any points out of the turnover and everything. We just missed a play, I guess. No matter what, we didn't care anything about that, after that. We just have to go out there and try to get off the field. I feel like we did that. We did good the whole game. Just that last drive, they got the best of it.

You guys were riding high. 7-3. Really feeling good about yourselves. Hard to believe where you're at right now at 7-8, and how this kind of feels.

Yeah, I know. Like I said, I feel really bad right now. Just on tape, we all know it's there right now. We've just got to go on to the next game, and try to get us a W, I would say.

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