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Sunday, Jan. 10, 2021

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(on if the celebration after CB Marcus Peters' interception was pre-planned) "We were on the … I guess. We were on the logo, OK. We just like to celebrate; you know what I mean? It was a good celebration, I think. Usually whoever makes the play, you run to that person; that person just so happened to end up being on the logo. It was a celebration. It was a game winner by Marcus [Peters]. Marcus wanted me to speak on his behalf, today. Basically, what he wanted to tell me [to say] was a song lyric, but I don't really know the song lyric. My summarization of what Marcus wanted to tell you guys was, 'Go Ravens.' So, that is [me] speaking on [Marcus'] behalf."

(on if there was a moment that the team knew they'd be able to overcome the adversity) "I think it was unique. When the Corona[virus] hit … Even before that, we lost some games. The craziest thing that I reflected on the last couple days and maybe within the week, was [that] there was really no panic. We didn't all of the sudden start [saying], 'Hey, we need to practice harder. We need to do this.' Coach [John] Harbaugh wasn't all [in] a funk. Everybody just seemed like we just kept staying the course. It's unique, because usually that doesn't happen. When you start losing and [with] the Corona[virus], it seems like, usually, things go into a panic. When you look back on it, it's like, we were coming … We were losing some games, [but] it was coming so close that we were still playing good ball. It didn't seem like many things needed to change. Then the Corona[virus] hit, and it was like, 'Oh. This is the worst timing for it to hit.' We never lost hope. 'RG3' [Robert Griffin III] came in, and we were fully confident going into the [game against the] Steelers. Some things didn't go our way, but there was never a panic. We just knew we just had to win these games. We went on our [winning] streak, and now, we've got our playoff win, and we're on to the next [game]."

(on rallying from a 10-0 deficit) "I started the game off rough. I had a rough start. They got up … They got up early and had some big catches on me and different things. Lamar [Jackson] turned into his MVP self and got us right back in it. That's the good thing about him; he's never going to quit. He's is always going to give it his all. Even when he talked to the team last night …Great players, I feel like, [lead] in a lot of different ways. Some of them are very vocal, some of them aren't very vocal, and some are like Lamar. When he speaks, he speaks volumes. When he speaks, you know he means business. When he talked to the team last night, I was sitting in my room on Zoom and I'm like, 'I know we are going to win the game tomorrow. I know Lamar is going to have a great game tomorrow.' It all paid off. He proved what I thought was correct. He had a great game, and we got the win."

(on what the celebration was like in the locker room when QB Lamar Jackson received the game ball) "Man, it was great. It's crazy, because I got my first playoff win, but I feel like Lamar [Jackson] got his first … I'm happy for myself, but I'm almost more happy for Lamar, you know? It sucks to be in his position at times that when you lose, it's all his fault. It's nobody else's fault. It wasn't the defense's fault; it's always Lamar's fault. When you win, it's usually him as well. It's great when it's on the winning side, because he does amazing things. But it sucks when he can play his heart out, and some other guy is going to fall short. I know it's a team game, but it seems like whenever it's a loss, it's always just his fault. So, it was great in the locker room. Guys were happy. I don't know if I should tell you this, but [head coach John] Harbaugh did a little dance. I can't tell you exactly the dance, but it was fun, man. It was great. Lamar got the game ball, and he deserves it, for sure. So, I'm really happy for my quarterback, and I'm happy he's on my team."

(on how it feels to win and knowing the season isn't over yet) "It feels great. Shoot, it's … Like you just said it, it's weird to be four years in [for me in the NFL] and get your first playoff win. It's no fun losing that first round. You get so hot to get in the playoffs and then you lose the first one; it's never very fun. But just from the start of the week, [the] guys just had a different approach [that] we're not going home this week, and that was the biggest memo we had. I felt like the Titans … It seemed special just because it was the Titans. They had our number a couple of times, and I felt like we owed them one. I felt like they knew that as well, and it turned out in our favor. So, [I'm] really, really thankful to be able to go onto next week, see who we'll play and go from there."

(on the decision behind his post-game attire of a black cowboy hat) "Well, it's Nashville. This is a great city. We are in the South. I like Nashville, personally. Last … Maybe my rookie year? It was my rookie year, and I got some guys up, and I was like, 'Hey, guys. Let's go to Broadway.' Nobody wanted to go with me, so I had to go by myself. I'm looking, and I'm like, 'Man. It's been a while since I've been here.' I was like, 'I'm going to buy [myself] some cowboy boots.' So, I went and bought [myself] some cowboy boots. Then this time, I came back, and I'm like, 'I have to get [myself] a cowboy hat sent to me.' So, I got a cowboy hat from Boot Barn. And I was like, 'If it's the thing …' If you could see my belt buckle ... It's a little low, but I should've gotten a bigger one – a belt buckle. I've got some Caiman boots on right now. I just … I was going with the theme; I like this city. It's a great city. We're in the South. Usually, my parents come, but with Corona[virus], they … My mom didn't want to come to the game if she couldn't see me, which I understand because it's my mom. I want to hug my mom, but I couldn't do that. So, that's OK. But [it] just fit the theme. [It's] just a love for the city, that's it."

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