CB Malcolm Butler



Sunday, Jan. 10, 2021

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(on what he saw on his interception play)

Just playing to my leverage and making guys throw the ball outside the numbers. Just basically going out there and making a play to help the team win.

(on what the mindset was coming into the game of trying to limit Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense)

Just be full tilt to the tackle on each and every down and every play. It didn't work out today. Now we have a minute to think about that.

(on what the emotions are after a unique season dealing with COVID)

It's a tough season dealing with COVID and the protocols and getting tested each and every morning. We had to make sure we were keeping our distance in the locker room and at practice, and then not knowing who was going to pop up with the COVID. That player might be a key player and you have to deal with it. Our ultimate goal was to play the last game of the season and we were just short of that. Now we have time to think about that.