CB Kristian Fulton


(on how good it felt to be back on the field today)

It was great. Like how last year I got hurt and everything wasn't good and really wasn't planned, this year just felt different for me getting hurt. It was tough on me, but it built me for this moment. You just have to react to it, when things are not going good. Everything was good being out on the field, then I got hurt and it was tough being out. It felt good to be back. My teammates and coaches kept me up throughout that time.

(on playing against is hometown team today)

It was definitely special. A lot of emotion for the game, especially me just coming back. It was crazy. A lot of kids from New Orleans don't get to make it to this point, and to play against the Saints and New Orleans, it was crazy to me mentally, but I just had to shake it off at the beginning and play.

(on the key to playing with confidence coming back from an injury)

I just wanted to fit back into the game and play my part and do what I do. It was just me mentally. I just wanted to make sure I was the best cornerback out there.