CB Kristian Fulton

Sunday, Sept 20, 2020

# # #

(on getting his first career interception in his first home game)

It was a great experience. Obviously, we wish we would have had the fans to keep us up, the energy, but it felt great to get the pick. First NFL pick. Glad it came early in my career. Just have to come back and keep getting better every week.

(on the defense shutting down Jacksonville on late drives)

That's something you have to be built for. We all talked on the sidelines, like we have to step it up, make a play for the offense. They've been doing their job.

(on what he saw on the play that led to the pick)

I was just doing my job, doing what I do. I saw the ball in the air and grabbed it and tried to make a play to put us in good field position.