CB Kenny Moore II


Just in terms of the craziness of that game, how unique do you feel like that was? I know it's hard to reflect on it that way when you lose, but you have played a lot of games. Is that a pretty crazy game?

"That was playoff football. That's the type of environment that we all strive to play for, play into. We knew what was at stake. We knew the AFC South – that was the game and we lost."

Jonathan Taylor talked about like Baltimore and that killer instinct, that coming just one or two plays short, does it feel like that is where you are at right now? Just one or two plays short in these big games.

"I'm trying to go through the entire game of what it is, but overall, yeah, we've got to put them out. I mean going up 14-0, I know it's the NFL, but we have to stay on attack. We've got to just keep our foot on the pedal. Once you let them off the hook, now it's 14 (points), 21 up. It's a different ball game at that point. We definitely got to stop shooting ourselves in the foot, definitely in critical situations."

How hard is it playing corner when the safeties behind continue to change? I know Khari Willis left the game. Does your role change based on who plays behind you and did Tennessee do a good job kind of exploiting the secondary with A.J. Brown?

"Great question. Yeah, this is a sport where you have to have good chemistry. You know losing Julian (Blackmon) in practice two weeks ago, that obviously hurt, but we have all been playing with each other pretty long, like even George (Odom). He's been in in practice. He has been around for a while now to win games. I know that we can all play winning football collectively. We just have to figure it out."