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CB Jackrabbit Jenkins


(on what he saw on his interception)

Basically, we ran a second stop. Something we practiced all week. Coaches made sure we stayed on top and underneath the route in the red zone, and I just made a play on the ball.

(on the importance of his interception keeping the 49ers from going up two touchdowns early in the game)

That was a big stop. Momentum shift and I just made a great play on the ball.

(on what it says about the Titans' defense rising to the occasion after the 49ers first drive)

Great all-around defense, team effort, special teams. We just find a way. At the end of the day, Coach (Vrabel) always preaches running to the ball, swarming to the ball. Just playing fast. Now we went out there and did it.

(on the difference between the first quarter and the rest of the game for the Titans' defense)

I think we needed a little time to settle in. Once we settled in, got locked in and got focused, just started coming to the ball and we came out victorious.

(on what it felt like to be able to get back out there and play tonight)

It was great. First of all, I want to thank the trainers and everybody in the training department for really pushing me. Making sure I stay on top of my treatment. It was really important just to go out there and feel myself again and have fun. 

(on what it means to see a receiver have a good game and if he was happy to see wide receiver A.J. Brown perform well)

It means I wasn't doing my job if he went off. As a DB, I look at it, you know. Of course, most definitely.

(on if it affects him as a defensive back when a team is preparing to face a hot quarterback)

You just have to prepare, more sharper. On top of everything. You have to work your leverage, technique, whatever the call is. You just have to stay on top of it.

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