CB Elijah Molden


(on the forced fumble and how much of a momentum boost it was)

I mean, I don't even really know what happened. Like I tackled him (Jaguars tight end Dan Arnold), and then I got up, and the next thing you know he (safety Kevin Byard) was in the end zone. It all happened in a flash. When it stood, I was just happy to help out the defense and help out the team and get the game started off on the right foot.

(on the next man up mentality and how much that applied to him today)

Yeah, 100 percent. That's something that I'm taking ownership of, is just doing my job, owning my role right now. And then as it adjusts, like I have to embrace it 100 percent. And there's going to be good plays that I make, there's going to be bad plays that I make, but at the end of the day, (it's) just on to the next play. I made the play, got to the sideline and flushed it real quick and then on to the next.

(on the pride he takes in being a physical player)

I take a lot of pride in it. Like, I don't bang my head against the locker before the game. It just comes out whenever I play free, whenever I know what I'm doing, whenever I can digest the call and see the offense. After that, I can just kind of cut it loose. That's when I make my best play. That's when I'm stickiest in coverage and all that stuff.

(on the defensive performance)

Yeah. A lot of ups and downs. I think any win is a good win, but there's definitely stuff to clean up in terms of communication and tackling. But we fought, we finished. That goal line stand, like seeing Chris Jackson and everyone, Harold (Landry III) and all those guys make that play, I had faith in them. And obviously (it was) a huge part of the game.

(on if anything about the transition to the NFL has surprised him so far)

I mean, growing up with my dad and all that stuff, he gave me all the tips and reminders and stuff, but at the end of the day, like this is my life's story that I'm living. And there's going to be ups and downs, and in the moment of a down, it's misery. But then eventually, you wake up one day and you're back on the horse, you know what I mean? So I'm loving the journey so far, and I've learned so much from the good plays and bad plays, especially the bad ones. So I'm just looking for what I can do, how I can help the team next week.