CB Elijah Molden


(on winning the AFC South in his rookie season)

It is hard to win in this league, but at the same time, I don't really – this is my first time doing this. It was fun to celebrate that with everyone. We were talking about putting the hat on and the shirt on before the game, so it was fun.

(on the secondary continuing to be active all game long)

We knew what type of offense they were. They don't take too many shots deep. They have quick guys and they run some RPO stuff. Especially with the conditions too, we have to take that into consideration. You don't want to give the quarterback easy throws when the ball is slippery, and we went out there and executed.

(on how important it was to get out to a fast start)

Like you said, they have won seven in a row. Wanted to start fast and create a spark.

(on the character of the team after having to deal with so much adversity throughout the season)

I just feel like we are a tough group. Speaking for the defense, just going out there and battling with those guys on this field. It is so much fun to go out there and look around and see everyone's face. We play fast, we play physical, and I feel like the offense has our back and we have theirs.

(on if he envisioned this when he was first drafted)

Shoot, I didn't know. I feel like I was so naïve back then, to be honest. Growing up I always knew I wanted to play in the league. My dad had told me stories so I thought I could get some perspective, but it is all brand new to me. I am glad to be on this defense, we have so much fun playing for coaches like ours.