CB Breon Borders


Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020

# # #

(on playing meaningful snaps and the defense's performance)

I think we played solid. We felt like we had a little something to prove and I think we did well for the most part. Me personally, I appreciate the coaches especially for putting me in there. I appreciate my teammates trusting me. We came out with the win at the end of the day.

(on forcing turnovers and scoring on defense)

If we can score on defense – we said in the first quarter, 'The offense doesn't have to score first.' Fortunately we came out and made some plays, big plays.

(on the quick turnaround with Thursday Night Football)

It's all about preparation. They have a good team but it's all about preparation. We will be back to work tomorrow and we got to turn around fast and we got to get it done.