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C Sam Mustipher


(on if the offensive line is where he wants it to be right now)

No, we are still coming together, still jelling. It was really only our third day out there as a full offensive line unit, so not where we want to be obviously. We have two weeks to prepare for the regular season so we will be back at.

(on how good felt to be on the field as a full offensive line and what they were able to accomplish)

It did feel good to start building some continuity and understanding how to communicate to each other in a situation like that. We had a two-minute at the end of the half where we switched some protections around and changed some things on the fly, so it was good. It was good to get out there and understand how to communicate, obviously there is some blitzes that we need to pickup that we missed, but it was definitely good to get everybody out there and start working to get all the guys on the same page.

(on getting offensive lineman Jason Peters into the game for the first time this preseason)

It is awesome to have a Hall of Famer out there understanding his knowledge of the game and how much film he has seen, how many pass sets he has taken and run blocks he has taken. Just being able to pick his brain from a standpoint of how to be a professional athlete, how to be a very talented football player and play at a high level for a long time. I was just talking to him about his process week-to-week just in the locker room right now. Understanding the level he has been at, it really is a blessing for everybody in the room.

(on what he saw from quarterback Justin Fields on the touchdown pass)

I saw confidence. That last throw was one of those throws that you are like, OK. That is a big time throw and a big time catch from Jesper (Horsted) as well. The protection was solid, he wasn't frazzled in the pocket, so it was good. To be able to work that in the preseason games is defiantly important.

(on what he wants to accomplish as an offensive line during these next two weeks)

Just working on being on the same page. Being able to see everything through one set of eyes as a unit is critical for offensive line play. If we can get that down and work on getting reps together, double teams and combinations, understanding protections, Mike points, different alignments to defense and how we can do that to make everybody's job easier, that is going to be the huge part.

(on how he saw the touchdown pass from Justin Fields)

I watched it on the scoreboard after, I was kind of protecting. When you see him roll out of the pocket and saw Jesper (Horsted) make the catch in the corner, I was like, 'How did that happen?' Then you watch it on the replay, it is like, 'Wow, that is pretty impressive.' It was very impressive. It was a big-time throw.

(on where quarterback Justin Fields is at when it comes to seeing a defense through one pair of eyes)

It is something that comes with reps. He is getting better at seeing it. Being able to work with him this week was big time and just being on the same page is important. Any offense in the NFL – the ones that communicate the best – and where he and I are on the same page, then the tackles and the guards are on the same page, and the running back as well because the running backs is a part of protections and sometimes you get tight ends. We are on the right track in regards to that.

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