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C Ben Jones


(on how important it was to get the win)

We were trying to win. We wanted to get that taste out of our mouth from the game last week. We turned the ball over last week. Our mindset was to not turn the ball over and let our defense work. We did that tonight. We didn't turn the ball over and we won the game.

(on the slow start offensively)

We won. You can't be perfect on every play, you just have to figure out what is working. We had a lot of new people in there tonight and we came together and found a way to win. That is what makes this team special. We are not flashy. We are going to run in there and hit a guy in the mouth and win this game.

(on how difficult it is to have new players rotating into the offensive line)

It is next guy up. I love these kids in there. They are grinding every day. They come to work with the mindset that they are the next guy. Dillon (Radunz) stepped up for us. (Aaron) Brewer stepped up for us many times. We have guys that come in there hungry, and you want those kinds of guys on the field because you are going out there and playing on primetime with Christmas right here. Now it's time to go enjoy your family, but tonight was special. Hell of a game tonight.

(on wide receiver A.J. Brown returning to the offense and what he brings to it)

You want A.J. (Brown) out there at all times. He is a guy who can change the game at any point. He is the X-factor. He can go get it. He can do a lot of things with it. I love A.J. (Brown) to death and he is a guy who puts it all out there.

(on what the players in the huddle are thinking when they see A.J. Brown get going)

We are just out there trying to block. Give him enough time so we can get the ball to him and get it to our playmakers. We know we have guys who are special back there and we can hold up and run the ball and let them make plays for us.

(on being able to win the game after having a short week to prepare)

It was a short week. We had the mindset that we had to come back and execute and not turn the ball over. We were right there last week, and it came down to the last drive. We won it this week and last week we just fell a little short.

(on the team's mindset going into the final drive)

Score. Nobody doubted. We knew we had to get down there and score points. We grinded it out and kicked it for the win. We had all the faith in Randy (Bullock) at the end of the game.

(on quarterback Ryan Tannehill's run in the fourth quarter to set up the game-winning field goal)

That was huge. (Ryan Tannehill) is a guy that makes plays. He can run it. He can throw it. He is a guy we trust with the ball. He is going to make smart decisions and he came up big for us at the end. That was a huge play for us at the end of the game.

(on making the adjustments at halftime and being able to come back and win)

That is just this team. If there is time on the clock, we are going to grind it out. We never quit. We are going to grind it out every single day at practice. We have a bunch of guys in there that love playing football. We want to play together and go out there and get a win. It took all however many guys dressed tonight - 48 guys dressed tonight to win, and we put it together. Now we can go home and be with our families.

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