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C Ben Jones


(on adjustments along the offensive line during the game due to injuries)

You have to go in there, no matter who is in there, you have to execute. You have to go out there and play at a high level and that's what we did. We won the game. Our defense played lights out. Those kinds of games you want to win at home. It was a big time game and we answered.

(on the offense staying on the field with sustained drives and scoring points)

We've been looking for a complete game on offense, defense, special teams, and today was one of those days. Brett (Kern) punted lights out. Defense, I can't talk enough about them, the way they got after them. They played every snap no matter what, and we scored in the first half. We need to better in the second half, but we went out and took care of business today.

(on if today's game was the best overall team performance of the season)

We played our best ball. That first half was what Titans football is all about. We played well on defense, well on offense, and in the second half, the defense wouldn't let them get in the end zone. We grinded it out and took up a lot of clock in the second half, and we won the way we wanted to.

(on how big it was to convert the early third down when the offense was leading 7-0 but pinned deep in their own territory)

Third-and-long, you want to get out of being backed up. Because if you're not, you're turning the ball over, giving the ball back, and it's usually points with a short field. We were able to execute, get it down and move the ball, go down there and score. Flipping the field and scoring on that, being backed up, that was a huge drive for us.

(on the offense showing they can win in multiple ways today without running back Derrick Henry needing to rack up over 100 yards)

We have to go out there and execute no matter what. As an offensive line we want to run the ball, but 17 (Ryan Tannehill) played well. We had receivers making plays. When you've got everybody in the box other guys get open, and those guys made plays today and made us look good on offense.

(on if the offense was fired up after receiving the playcall for Derrick Henry to throw a touchdown)

Always. Anytime 'Two Two' (Derrick Henry) is getting the ball, no matter how he's getting it, we're always fired up as offensive linemen. He takes care of us and we want to take care of him.

(on if Derrick Henry throwing touchdowns could help him win the league's MVP award)

He's always MVP in our book. We love Derrick (Henry) to death. He's the heart and soul of our offense and everybody knows that in this league. So we want him to get the ball as many times as possible.

(on the Titans facing two good teams in seven days and getting two wins)

We are battle tested. You've got two division winners we were playing back-to-back and we had our fans show up two weeks in a row. That's what it is. That's playoff football we were playing right here in October. We've been in those games two years ago, and we answered today. You can be humbled any week, so we have to bring it every week in this league.

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