C Ben Jones


(on if this was one of his favorite games he has played in)

It is up there. Winning on Monday night at home, in the fashion we did is awesome. Having big plays on offense and the defense coming up at the end making a play. We knew it. Fourth-and-one, our defense always comes to the challenge. I am proud to be on this team.

(on running back Derrick Henry's 76-yard touchdown run)

It was awesome. We know if we get our head on the hat, he is special. I am glad he is on our team, and he is a once in a generation kind of running back. He is something else.

(on if it is difficult to find any more words to describe Derrick Henry)

He is special, that is all you can say. He is big, he is fast, he is special. We love him over and over again, he takes care of us, he puts the work in. You see how hard he works and how much he cares about this team. We go out there and we love blocking for the guy.

(on the resilience of the team being able to produce with so many players picking up injuries)

You never want to see a teammate go down. All the blood, sweat, and tears you put into it, you want them out there fighting right beside you. There is a 100 percent injury rate in this league. They are going to bounce back, and we are going to get them back. Just put your hands on them and say a prayer for them tonight. We want them back as soon as possible.

(on why the offense worked so well tonight)

We executed. In critical moments, we made the plays when they came to us. We answered the call play after play. You have to play to the last whistle of the game and that is this kind of team. They have a great team over there and we are trying to win the game just like them, but the last play, we answered.

(on the vibe on the sidelines when the defense is making big plays)

We were happy they were going for it. We have all the faith in the world in our defense. Fourth-and-one I feel like in multiple weeks, last week against Jacksonville, Chargers a couple years ago, on fourth-and-one our defense answered the bell.

(on how much life was injected into the offense after running back Derrick Henry's 76-yard touchdown run)

We know it is always one play away when you have Derrick (Henry) in the backfield. Every play you are doing a little extra because you don't know which play in the game he will break it. That was definitely special, and it definitely brought a spark to us. It makes the defense think, 'Hey, we have to stop him, because he can change the game.'

(on pulling the fans back in after a disappointing loss earlier in the season)

This is the NFL, everyone is paid and everybody can win on any given Sunday. If you don't bring you're a-game on Sunday, you are going to get beat. We had two good teams going tonight, we had the ball in our hands last and our defense made a heck of a play. I am glad it came out that way. We have great fans, I am glad they came out there. They were loud tonight. You know Bills fans travel the best in the league and being on third down on defense and them stepping up getting the false starts for them. Our fans showed out tonight.

(on all the crazy games he has played in and where this one ranks)

Monday night, winning in that fashion, it is going to be special. We had the Chargers in the past, our defense stepped up for us. Some Thursday nights where Derrick (Henry) broke some long ones. This is one I am going to remember. We laid it on the line, it took whatever it took, and came down to the last play to win this one.

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