C Ben Jones


Sunday, Oct. 18, 2020

# # #

(on the offense's confidence)

Every drive, we know if we have the ball we can score. We try to be brilliant in the basics, control what we can control, and we go out there and do it. We've got some great playmakers on this team and we just got to take care of penalties, and we do that, we score.

(on running back Derrick Henry's performance)

He's a guy, you can give him the ball at any point and he can go the distance. That scares the defenses because they know if they are one gap out on any play he can go to the house.

(on if he knew the Titans were going to win the game after winning the coin toss)

Yeah, I was standing out there in the middle. As soon as the toss went our way I was like, 'It's over.'