Bengals CB Adam Jones: "I've Always Bet on Myself"



(On playing the Titans)

I think we played them one time there, but I didn't get to play. We played in Tennessee.

(On being able to be on the field this week)

There's no added credit just because we're playing the Titans. I'm over that part of my life, but I'm eager for the week and eager for the challenge to play.

(On getting over his time with the Titans)

I haven't been in Tennessee since 2006, so with time and growth things seem to not be as important or, should I say, a chip on the shoulder, like it was. Of course, I can't wait to play, but as far angry about anything, I'm not.

(On what helped him get his life together after his time with the Titans)

I'm in a great situation where I'm now. I'm comfortable here in Cincinnati, I love my teammates, I love my coaches, the people upstairs do a good job with us here. It's hard to go back and visit. Of course, you go back and visit what happened in Tennessee so you don't get back in those situations, but besides that, I'm looking toward the future.

(On the Bengals' home winning streak)

We do a good job defending the house, and that's our main thing, don't lose at home. I think the crowd plays a big part in it, but I think we come home, and we're prepared in and out for the games. I think we're doing a great job on both sides of the ball. We haven't had a turnover yet on offense. The defense is tackling pretty good, and when you can win the turnover ratio in the games, nine times out of 10 you're going to win.

(On preparing for the Titans' offense)

They've got a real good running game. We've got to stop the running game and force them into starting long, covering the back end and let the guys up front rush.

(On playing against Justin Hunter)

He's a pretty good guy. I've just got to play Bengals football. If we play Bengals football, we'll be alright.

(On being worried about Jake Locker)

I wouldn't say worried. I know we need to stop the run first and then we can get the guys up front time to rush, but this is the NFL. You have to come every week prepared to play, and I think our coaches are doing a great job preparing us and knowing what it takes on Sunday. I think if we play Bengals football we'll be OK.

(On the key to the Bengals defensive performance)

Tackling and dictating where the ball is going. Tackling is the main thing and understanding what Paulie G (Paul Guenther) is calling. I think he's done a great job of breaking everything down to explain everybody, knowing everybody's division, and I think as long as we keep doing that and no dumb penalties and make sure we're tackling we'll be alright.

(On his relationship with head coach Marvin Lewis)

Me and Marvin (Lewis) is more like a father-son relationship. He's been great to me. He's a standup guy, he treats everybody the same. At the end of the day, we're all playing for jobs, and he makes sure everybody knows that. He teaches us to be smart. I know Paulie G's (Paul Guenther) thing is smart bullies on the field, so I think he's done a great job of getting the guys that's in here together, we've got a pretty tight locker room and believe in each other.

(On the defense's performance without Mike Zimmer)

I know what we can do as a defense. If we just play Bengals football, don't give up the deep balls and tackle, we can be one of the best defenses. I think Paulie G (Paul Guenther) is doing a good job of explaining that. As far as me being impressed, I think we can be better in certain areas of the game, but we've just got to keep working, it's only week two, and see how it goes.

(On his abilities as a punt returner)

All you've got to do is turn on the tape. Film doesn't lie.

(On Mohamed Sanu's pass completions)

It's good. We've got a lot of good guys in here that are really good players. When there's a time to step up, Coach (Marvin) Lewis is always saying you never know when your time is going to be. Be prepared. (Mohamed) Sanu has handled himself like a pro. He's always been really good on the field, off the field and in practice. I think Sanu is doing a good job of stepping up when guys went down. Same thing for the rest of the receivers. Dane (Sanzenbacher), Brandon Tate, I think those guys have done a good job of stepping up when the time has been needed.

(On staying in touch with former Titans teammates)

(Tina) Tuggle is the only person I probably keep in contact with, but besides that, no.

(On being a leader to younger players)

I do my part. I try to lead by example and practice hard and play hard. Of course, a lot of the guys look up to me for different reasons. I'm here for my teammates. Anything they need, when they ask I'll give them the honest to God truth and just tell them to take advantage of the moment, because you never know when it's going to be gone.

(On speaking at the NFL Rookie Symposium)

Just about choices and decisions, knowing that you are your own corporation. At the end of the day, when the game is taken away from you, it's gone. No one is going to be calling your phone and all that, so enjoy the time now and make good decisions and get all the money you can while you can get it. When the checks stop coming in, they stop coming in.

(On times when he was concerned about his career)

I've always bet on myself, so there's not a time where I never gave up on myself. There have been some hard times, but there hasn't been a time where I've given up and said that it was going to be over.

(On how much longer he'd like to play in the league)

I feel good. I'm fresh. If you look at my career, I was suspended a year and a half, or two years, however you want to see it, and then I got hurt week four, so that was another year, then came back week eight the next year after that. It seems like a long time, but otherwise I feel pretty good. I've been in the league eight years. Three and half or four of them I didn't play. I feel good. I don't want to put a number on it, we'll see how it goes, but I feel good. I feel fresh. I'm still as fast as I've been. The body's holding up pretty good.

(On making it further in the playoffs this season)

Of course that's the goal. We've been to the playoffs the last three years and didn't get the job done in the first game. Everybody has a chip on their shoulder about that, but right now we have to take it one game at a time to get back to the playoffs. It's just saying it's to make the playoffs three or four years in a row, so I think Coach (Marvin) Lewis is doing a good job of letting everybody cherish the moment and taking it one week at a time. When we get to that point, then we'll worry about it.

(On the impact losing LB Vontaze Burfict would have on the defense)

It will be a little letdown, but I think we've got guys in here that are ready to play, that are ready to step in that will be ready to go. We have a good group of linebackers. We've got depth. I think we'll be alright.

(On seeing growth in QB Andy Dalton)

Andy (Dalton) has done a great job of taking over the leadership and being accountable. I tip my hat off to him.

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